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    [Xbox 360] Clan looking for members

      Looking to get all the clan unlocks? This is the place for you!



      • Must log at least 10 hours during clan wars (5 days)
      • Must be respectful to other clan members
      • Must have a working mic
      • Must work well as a team
      • Have a 1.0+ K/D


      Currently, we are 1 Platinum win away from become a Diamond clan. This means that you MUST meet all of the requirements listed above. We absolutely will not accept people piggybacking off of the rest of the clan for rewards, we keep tabs on all members and you will be kicked before being issued your rewards if you remain inactive. However, if you're an active member with a good attitude who can respect your other clan mates then you'll do great. If you have questions, comments, or concerns then please feel free to message me on Xbox.


      GT: Siallus