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    What's the best way to get demoted.


      I have been a Tenth prestige for about three months and I'm bored of the game, I have everything unlocked except the clan items, I can't earn experience, I can't use squad points.


      What's the best way to get demoted back to square one?

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          Why not create a new account, if you're able to, that would be the best idea. Currently only people who have broken CoC rules have been reset and that could also lead to a ban.

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            Wait until they bring in more prestige ranks or do something against the CoC I guess

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              Anyone advocating breaking the rules cheating or anything like that to get reset is wrong . Don't suggest that they become part of the problem in the game . There is never a guarantee on what consequences they will have for breaking the rules. The op has been offered suggestions they are just not the ones that he wants to hear. x1 doesnt cost anything for an additional account ,,, he last ditch choice would be to pm a cs and ask though they are not in the habit of reseting anyone for personal reasons.

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                Why not just enjoy the fact that you have reached the top? Then, go outside or spend some time with family and friends. When the new dlc drops play it until you are satisfied that you are the greatest and again move on to something else. I will assume that you aren't blessed (or burdened) with a wife or children so enjoy your 'me' time now, soon enough life will lay a much more important challenge in front of you then cod.

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                    Think thats the point 18 months on from blops 2 MP & many havent master prestiged

                    this averages 11 days of play.its an empty game void of meaning

                    wouldnt mind but you master on ghosts,nothin,no camo,no gun,no fanfare no well done .

                    Black ops 2 was value for money,ghosts falls short by 40 or 50 prestiges.

                    All people wanted was a prestige system that didnt kill you hard earned guns & attachments.Ghosts is too easy & why 10 prestiges ill never know,does not bode well for next game

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                    Just play another game.

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                      I no I sound like an old fart but you have a game that has lasted you for months and you are now bored. I come from a time where a game might, MIGHT last you three weeks and then you would move on, this is to all intents and purposes is an infinite game. You could always start another profile, but why not just play another game for a while?

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                          This... x1000000


                          I remember My Original Nintendo... wait months for a title to come out, play it for, if lucky, a month (Zelda games sometimes longer). And then often replay them over and over again, and of course no DLC. And then move on to the next one. CoD games offer more than ever before. Multiple game modes, DLC, 100s of Achievements and accomplishments(and unlocks), Squads Modes,  alternate game mode in Extinction, and a full Campaign. And for some reason, players "Race to Commander/Tenth Prestige" rather than take their time, enjoy the game, play in moderation, and prolong the life cycle of the game.


                          I have often said, if you are bored then you're boring. There are so many ways to play this game, I'd suggest to the OP to try playing out of his comfort zone, and if there really, truly aren't any variations he hasn't tried, it is time to try something else for a while until his love for the game returns a bit.


                          At the same time, I think that the developers didn't add the same replay factor previous games had. When you allow people to buy things from the get-go... take away the true value of challenges... you diminish the replay factor. I have had limited play time in this game, and I am on the verge of Prestiging my 6th Squad Member. Prestiging has no value anymore, and due to the lack of viable challenges in this game, I would agree with allowing for a reset in this game, but with the caveat of forcing reset players to have a Symbol or indicator telling players they are on their second go around.

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                          I think since your real problem is being bored with the game, I would suggest you join a clan, and play in the clan wars.  Besides getting the clan wars unlockable items, playing in clan wars adds a new element of strategy to the game.  Also, practicing and playing with your clanmates will open doors to cooperative strategy game play. I've also come to consider many in my clan as friends, although online friends.  Much of the time we play, we are having fun joking and talking, not just winning.

                          For me, at least, joining a clan, and playing in clan wars has kept the game interesting, and if it wasn't for that, I would have quit playing this iteration of COD months ago, as I have with all previous CODs.

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                            Jump in a modded game and infinity ward reset ur stats