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    Liking a comment or thread, what does it take to earn yours?

      I Know for me some of the comments that I really enjoy liking are those that say thanks when someone helps them . Even if I am not involved in that particular thread seeing someone say "thank you ". To me  that always gets a like.

      IF I write a post as long as they keep on topic even if they have a different point of view I tend to hit the like button as a thank you for taking the time to read my thread.

      There have been a handful, of post that get the instant like the comment like the thread and five star rating, usually something that makes you wish that you wrote it or thought of it.

      The guides that people have written out threads to help with the nat type or app guide the map guides weapons comparisons usually quickly get bookmarked and all the likes.

      Fun discussions and replies that just make you laugh .

      I know I did not include everything that I will hit the "like" on but what does it take for you to take notice and "Like" something?

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