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    Very bad graphics on Call of Duty Ghosts ps3, really bad. How to fix them?

      Hello everyone,

      For some reason, call of duty ghosts have very bad graphics. I am playing it on ps3 and using an hdmi tv 42'' that support 1080p. when i played the game, i realised that the graphics are pixelated, its not clear at all, so i went to my friend home and played it. I was very surprised that the graphics was great, very good, he was playing on 1080i. so i tried every single setting on ps3, nothing worked, tried different hdmi settings(720p, 1080i, 1080p), tried different hdmi ports on tv, the same. I want to know how to fix that, does it come from ps3? tv? or hdmi cable? The graphics where very bad and pixelated, it doesnt look like a ps3 game, i was disgusted, the same cd worked well with my friend, perfect graphics. Please help me to fix that, i will be very thanksfull. Thank you.

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