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    Wanted: Black Ops 1 Zombie Players w/Mics

      $1000000000 REWARD.

      Just kidding! (:


      Truthfully, I`m tired of playing with little kids & mutes. I need players I can communicate with & who won't quit.

      I love love love to play zombies especially Kino Der Toten ;D I've gotten to Round 30+ with 3 guys (who happened to have mics) but that was on Xbox 360 which I no longer have (been converted to ps3) and the highest I've gotten was Round 28. Which is pathetic in my p.o.v., but I'm sure you've guys experience playing with players who rage & end up quitting or just overall terrible communication (i.e. buying dooors, bringing zombies the opposite way, being douches). So, if you guys wanna help this little damsel in distress (me). My PSN is oolala-itsher. I love to play with laid-back, talkative, non-demanding jerks, and people who will be willing to tell me unlimited amount of jokes (kidding, but that would be amaaaazing). Much appreciated, thanks guys ;D


      P.S. I am on at this exact moment, soooo ... be a hero. Come save me! (: