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    So having watched the AW reveal heres my thoughts...

      Excuse the twitteresque  formatting I was going to use twitlonger and cba to rewrite this


      I'm just gonna say what I know a lot of my peers in the CoD community are thinking , CoD is going to go up against a behemoth Halo offering this year.


      Given the scant mp comments given so far about #CoDAW they are all esports focused. While I am many others want to see #CoDeSports grow, there is a flipside here - if you're going to draw up battle plans based on hyping the eSports aspect of #CodAW . You lose the interest and support of the regular community. Yes the SP level VS looked impressive but ultimately the majority of us buy CoD for the mp.  and with the utmost of respect here, marketing needs to make sure there isn't blinkers applied in that respect , as every time I see  retweet from a #CoDeSports player I worry how the wider community will perceive that.

      I mean this with the utmost of respect to all devs at @shgames, but #CoDAW is going to be a hard sell for a lot of us in the community due to it's overtly sci fi element.  I will be honest I am still viewing it with a lot of trepidation as a "CoD" game. I hope you quell my doubts. But so far as much as it pains me to say this currently I am looking at AW as a good looking game made by devs with an outstanding reputation and pedigree who will deliver what i am sure is a killer game... But has just had the CoD name tacked on to it.



      The ethos of Call of Duty was based on players experiencing what it was like in actual wars, somewhere along the lines this changed to story driven single player games that each year expanded the universe and drove it further into the future. Pew pew laser beams and hulking great mechs is a leap many of us feel is too far if its carried fully over into the mp.Leave it in the SP game.  Having seen the new pre order bonuses just announced has me worried.




      Sorry but someone had to say it.

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