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      I don't get "quickscoping" it's really stupid what happen to the traditional snipers. nowadays it people running around just sniping. I literally just got off the game because this dude kept killing me when I put a whole clip into him. it is like quick scoping is just people running around accidently pulling the trigger. I got some ways you can fix it.

      1) Make speed of the sniper rifle slower than LMG's if they want to go faster make them waste their squad points on perks

      2) Increase the aim in time of a sniper rifle

      3) Make the sniper rifle a two shot kill from close range(unless it is a headshot) and a one shot kill from medium to long

      It is unfair when when somebody has a weapon that has an advantage to close range gun fights and that person loses it

      Activision, Call of Duty, everybody please take note of this and take this broken mechanic out of the game

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