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    E3 Discussion Thread

      Talk it up. What's your thoughts on E3?

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          Re: E3 Discussion Thread

          I thought it was decent. I actually only watched the Sony Conference as it only has my concerns. AW... I've played TitanFall... Pretty much everythng I saw in that had TF all over it. From the suits to the pods landing with reinforcements (bots for TF). I'm cool. The Exo suit will be in MP along with a gun that doesn't need to be reloaded.

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            Re: E3 Discussion Thread

            I was streaming the Xbox conference on my One. I wasn't impressed with the single player walkthrough. The colors were dark and murky. Now I don't know if thats because of how It was presented or how it will look when its on my screen.

            For a setting in the "not too far future".................its seems like its way too far into the future.


            I felt like the walkthrough was very slow. Maybe so the audience could absorb all the future stuff in this world, with which I have to agree with ChestSlittah, gave me a "I've seen this before" feeling....especially with the landing pods.


            Then came the "Call of Duty" aspect of the sacrifice of war, with the fallen squad mate. And then the loss of my arm. Robo-soldier anyone? Not trying to down play this. In real life, there is no greater sacrifice. But this is a game, and its the only connection we can simulate to the fictional..........call of duty.


            This is just the impression I got. I will still be buying it because I won't settle for anyone else's review. I'm still confident it will be one of the better games of the year. Going to keep an open mind and go along for the ride.

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                Re: E3 Discussion Thread

                Yeah, the Chevy Volt was one of the better cars for sale one year. Now you have to fear catching on fire just because you turned the ignition key.


                Anyway, sounds like Halo isn't the only spaced-out story making an appearance in the next COD. Luke Skywalker lost his hand in a light saber duel with Darth Vader, remember? And they gave Luke a robotic hand and he was then good to go!


                Call of Duty: Return of the Jedi

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                Re: E3 Discussion Thread

                I would like to keep this thread about E3 in it's entirety. Not just Call of Duty.

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