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    How would Chuck Norris do it?

      Sorry I had to take a couple days off, everyone. Been a little busy. But I’m back today and, for some reason, I’ve really been wondering, when it comes to playing Call of Duty,


      How would Chuck Norris do it?


      Man, Chuck Norris is just badass. Chuck Norris would be such a badass at COD that, if you googled “Chuck Norris,” his personal website would be the very first one that comes up. His Wikipedia entry would be to the right – with his picture! You can get t-shirts with Chuck Norris pics and facts.


      CN 003.jpg



      Chuck Norris is the first of our How-would heroes to be so badass that he has his very own website, ChuckNorris.com .


      The community, however, hates Chuck Norris. They think Chuck is so OP, they’ve created a website dedicated to Chuck Norris Facts



      Nonetheless, there’s one Chuck Norris fact that is irrefutable …


      Chuck Norris would run & gun.

      And this is proven by doing a Google search for Chuck Norris …

      CN 002.JPG


      Chuck Norris would do it all:

      1) Quick Scope, 2) Flank, 3) use an SMG, 4) Spray and Pray, 5) use a .44 Magnum w/out an ACOG, 6) use a Shotgun, 7) force the other team to Camp, 8) then charge into the area being camped, 9) NEVER be successfully flanked himself, 10) spam frag grenades, and 11) kick David Carradine’s butt … and kicking him in crotch wouldn’t even make him flinch!


      Chuck Norris wants you to know, he is a run & gunner

      Here’s Chuck having a beer before he goes hunting for corner campers



      CN 004.jpg



      Chuck Norris would be the only zombie you can’t kill. Ever.

      CN 005.JPG


      Chuck Norris would not use sight attachments.

      Tracker sights and Target Finders are for p*****s as far as Chuck is concerned.

      CN 006.JPG

      Chuck Norris would only use dual wield with SMGs

      CN 007.jpg


      There are no “good” Chuck Norris gifs … because Chuck Norris is  a gif …

      … at least, to the ladies he’s a gif.




      chuck norris crotch shot



      Chuck Norris would quick scope.

      chuck norris



      Chuck Norris would take on the Michael Meyers streak reward … with his bare hands

      chuck v bear



      Chuck Norris would flank you

      Chuck Norris - m60


      DO NOT use the Chain Saw against Chuck Norris

      He can stop it with his bare hands


      Chuck Norris Stops Chainsaw



      Chuck Norris would spray and pray, baby!

      Chuck Norris


      Chuck Norris loves character streak rewards (like Michael Meyers, etc)

      Here’s Chuck beta testing the upcoming COD: Advanced Warfare. One of the maps is an homage to Star Wars. Here, his clan is afraid to take on Darth Vader & the Storm Trooper Clan … but Chuck takes on Darth single handedly using the new American Eagle streak reward


      Chuck Norris vs Stormtrooper



      Chuck Norris is like Dirty Harry – you just need to step aside and let Chuck take on the entire enemy team

      Here’s some footage from his days with the Delta Force Clan. Chuck is not opposed to a little camping, as you can see. But he goes on to force the other team to camp – and still kicks their butt in a Ground War Domination match.


      Chuck Norris LOVES montages.

      Chuck took Kojak’s YouTube idea to the next level


      Chuck Norris is hated by other COD players

      Here’s Adolf’s reaction to discovering his clan will have to take on Chuck Norris’ clan at X-Games in Austin, TX


      Chuck Norris made Hulk Hogan green with envy

      CN 008.JPG


      Steven Segal would think he's better than Chuck Norris

      CN 009.JPG


      Chuck Norris inspired a DLC uniform

      Guess which one

      CN 010.JPG


      John Wayne would not like Chuck Norris

      CN 012.JPG


      Dirty Harry hates Chuck Norris, too.

      CN 011.JPG


      But, at the end of the day, only ONE Call of Duty gamer ever beat Chuck Norris

      CN 013.JPG


      So what do you think?


      How would Chuck Norris do it?

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          Re: How would Chuck Norris do it?

          Great thread.


          Chuck Norris don't need knives to melee. He can use one spinning left kick to kill multiple hostiles.


          Cartoon Chuck Norris animated GIF


          Chuck Norris also can carry a team of non-prestige noobs on his head in Ground War and win every time


          Ad Airplanesand animated GIF

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            Re: How would Chuck Norris do it?

            This is a problem one because as soon as Chuck enters a gamemode everybody in that game mode instantly dies and never respawns leaving him stuck in the endless cycle of looking for a match..

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              Re: How would Chuck Norris do it?

              It took over 24 hours to get this one OK'd by the mods! I got a dm that explained they were worried that the idea of Chuck Norris playing COD would be deemed OP by the community. In fact, they had to verify that his ban was still in effect. Chuck Norris has never played COD multiplayer ... because he was pre-banned from the game because he is so OP.


              But if Chuck Norris could play COD, you guys are dead on as to how he would play COD.


              That's pretty cool - Chuck Norris holding two planes together by doing the splits ... you know that pizzed off Van Damme! LOL


              And I really like the idea of a 25 kill streak reward being Chuck Norris. It would work exactly the same way the nuke worked in MW2 ... but we would call it the Chuck Norris.


              The other team got Chuck Norris'ed. LOL

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                Re: How would Chuck Norris do it?

                Tube the campers like this

                deal with it


                return to sender like this



                But always bring the party to him like this !!


                Super chuck norris super mario style game parody

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