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    High score Co-Op stratagies


      Had an amazing 4 games of Nightfall last night. Our group ended 3,10,11, & 17 on the leaderboards. Our set up was one person with all relics except earn your keep, with all others running zero relics. The person with 9 relics took care of incendiary ammo and fast hands. We provided him with a fully upgraded portable turret to protect the drill all game. Other three ran engineer,  medic, and weapon specialist.  Armour and feral were upgraded asap.


      Anyone have good strategies for other maps? Or improvements for this nightfall setup?

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          I really like that strategy. I don't often go for high scores (if I do, I'm helping others out, don't like running lots of relics myself), but that's cool. Never thought to have the essentially useless guy protecting the drill with a PT.


          I imagine this would probably work well on any map. I'm not a big user of the turrets...but maybe if you have trouble switch to GT? I dunno if PT is more useful in co-op or not. Maybe it is. Either way, congratz on some really nice scores.

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              It was a little boring being the relic guy. Pretty intense when your not the relic guy. The relic guy still throws out ammo and fast hands to not feel totally useless. I think ten relics would not be a fun game. With 9 on Nightfall,  and going for all challenges,  we had a good time all four games.

              The guy who finished in tenth used gt instead of pt. We all agreed that the game went smoother without the gt smoke.

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                  To multiply your score to its highest extent, you want the drill to remain at 125% health for the entire drill period(no damage at all). Obviously also throwing supplies that your teammates use and getting the challenge increases your score. Your personal score will go higher aswell if you do not take any damage during the drill period(don't get hit). And obviously the more relics, the more bonus..


                  edit: your teamwork score will get even higher if nobody on the team takes any damage at all during the drill period.

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                The one time I ran nightfall for higher relics, I did 7, other guy did 6, other did 5, one did 4. 8 would have made no real difference to me and I wouldn't have ran earn your keep or the no strike packages (whatever doesn't allow you to get turrets).


                8 I feel really is the way and then if your team is really good you could go 9 and not have earn your keep on. Earn your keep is in my opinion the hardest relic.


                PS4: DA_RED_RAIN, max prestige, 150+ victories, typically top 100 on current map for co-op