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    Profound Theory to Origin's Final CutScene

      So.... Here's a thought, and first of all, my interpretation on the cutscene is that all of the events actually happened, and that once Sam was released, she became so powerful that she was able to warp time and space to escape her nightmare and return home and to make it so that none of what actually happened (all the zombies maps that we played) ever actually happened, and that instead she had been at home all along playing with a friend, and loved by her father. So here's my thought, regarding the continuation of zombies, the possible meaning to the strange dialect regarding Maxis having a "plan" and even Samantha saying that they'd make it all right. First of all: a reminder. There have been a ton of people that have died throughout zombies. Basically everyone dies. George Romero, that guy Peter, the two chumps from shangri la, and if you play your cards right, even richtofin, marlton, russman, misty, and stuhlinger all die. So my thought is this, What if Maxis knows this? What if he remembers all the damage that was done. And then, on top of all their deaths, Samantha wipes out their legacies and memory from existence. What if Maxis knows this? Well then, its up to him to fix things, engage the zombies, travel through time, collecting things, doing easter eggs, all in the hopes that he can make everything okay... like Samantha says. Which leads me to say that maybe Samantha's subconscious knows that what she did can't be right. So yeah. And one more thing: Not only do we not see the face of a father who is responsible for keeping children safe from whatever was outside, but he also sounded to me like he was on a radio. What if Samantha couldn't free him from wherever he ended up? and that the real maxis is the only one she could produce, and he is still in griffin station network? Is this theory possible or plausible? Thoughts?