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    Extended Mags as an Attachment


      As far as I know this is not an option in any of the Extinction games. Certain weapons would be exponentially useful with extended mags, particularly the snipers and marksmen rifles. Much like other attachments it doesn't have to be an option for all weapons, only certain designated low capacity guns. Obviously the LMGs don't need it as they have ample mag capacities but I find the MR-28 painful to use as well as the VKS and it's awesome 10 round mag which can kill in no less than 2 shots on a Scout. When using a relic or taking out a Hunter it can take 5+. I find that incredibly weak for a gun that's suppose to be a massive punch.


      Extended mags to me is the perfect way to balance these weapons, especially the MR-28 which only has 8 rounds or shotguns that take forever to reload.