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    Boot for Inactivity?


      I was playing a Point of Contact game yesterday with a team of 4, and we were doing pretty good.  One of our players went AFK shortly after the second barrier hive, something I didn't really notice for a while.  It wasn't an issue until we destroyed the final hive and had to activate the nuke, which we were unable to do because the guy was still AFK.  As no aliens spawned in, we were left with a game which could not be ended, resulting in everyone backing out after an unsuccessful search for propane tanks to blow the guy up. 


      Why is there no inactivity regulation in extinction?  In MP, I get booted if I stand there inactive for one minute.  This guy was inactive for 43 minutes! 

      How should this issue be addressed?  I think a vote kick system could be abused to easily, and I don't know why no inactivity regulation is present in this mode.


      Feel free to share what you think would be a good solution.  If you have a similar story to mine, feel free to share that too.

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          There's been other similar post; I believe many agree with this.

          There definitely should be a time limit on inactivity after which time you are kicked out of the game.

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            That sucks...happened to me long ago...we were all kind of laughing that the guy was afk the whole game till we went to set the nuke..then DOLT- face palm.....I would agree to kick someone say after 5 minutes of inactivity.

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              I Actually see a lot of gamers do that mostly on weekend nights

              i I will tell you why they do this becuz a friend of mine was doing it

              every weekend he sets his loadout to max relics

              tthan starts up a game and leaves controller down

              goes to sleep wakes up in morning and he ranks up sometimes nearly a whole prestige

              being inactive ingame you still get all scoring with out touching controller

              all bonuses etc relic score etc etc

              games ends, your in lobby again with new people

              cycle starts again.

              NOw this this samething happen to me on POC once

              sso learnt if I see someone not touching their controller after 1st area I back out

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                % minutes would be a good time, sometimes a teammate tells you that their gonna drop the kids off real quick so you don't plant yet.

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                  maybe a vote to kick option pops up after inactive for so long but then all they have to do is put a rubber band around controller but something should be done about inactivity

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                    I'd like to see a kick option for both ingame or lobby. People shouldnt have to back out just to avoid the trash players.

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                      i could agree that if inactive for so much time then the option to vote to kick could be enabled. That may help prevent abuse by not enabling to option unless they were truly inactive for a given amount of time and only those active get the chance to vote .

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                          i just want to add to it in multiplayer the game only last up to 10 minutes so there it is easy to take the rest room break let the dog out or in ect. With the amount of time that the maps on these games takes no may plan to have something irl happen but it does and the courteous thing to do would be to inform the other players prior to afk it doesn't always happen ,,,, lets take it a bit further  if someone has a bad habit of disappearing put a hashtag next to there name for every so many games voted out of as fair warning for others .

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                          Exact same thing happened to myself and a friend of mine.


                          I like the whole vote to boot after a certain time because then you could boot the ones who are actually inactive just for being inactive VS not booting someone because maybe they're dog is barking at something outside...like mine normally does when I play COD.

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                            As some people have already commented, in multiplayer if you are inactive for a certain period of time you are kicked out of the lobby, can't see why they can't implement a similar system, a vote to kick one would be a good idea, so if you're playing with friends who have to do something quick it doesn't automatically kick them, but those who disappear for quite a while, you should be able to kick and get someone else in to help out.

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                              Even inactivity in a lobby is particularly frustrating. I know of a certain two profiles in Black Ops 2 Zombies, who join the same lobby and never leave, thereby meaning a game can never start because if one other joins, two need to be readied up, and if two others join, three need to ready up. I ALWAYS join them when searching for a game since the internet connection must be top quality, I can probably never play Farm in Public Match again (true story, and yes, no joke, i <3 Farm).

                              People like this make fake accounts to troll and I'm sure it's happening in Extinction as well. I think there should be a 'boot' option in lobbies as well as in the actual game.

                              I hate joining  a lobby with a person readied up because you don't actually know if he/she is AFK or not unless they have a mic.

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                                I had a similar idea I few days ago. However, it didn't get many views. Lets get some votes on it. Extinction lobby idea

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                                  I had this happen again the other day; one guy became inactive after hive 13 on POC.


                                  This does not happen often but when it does it is one hell of a pisser.  I really wished that they did something to boot for inactivity.  At the very least at critical points when everyone is needed to continue.

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                                    I don't see why after say 5 to 10 minutes the inactive player gets a timer to become active and if they fail to get going again they get booted. simples