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    GiJo Recruitment Diamond Division (PS3 Only)

      Hello we're looking for a total of 5 people to join our clan.

      We're a level 25 Clan.

      Clan K/D 1.17

      Win% 63

      We're fun to be around.

      We have FUN.



      Must 18+

      Must live in USA or Canada

      You HAVE to play during clan wars.

      You get 2 warnings in the clan. If you get 2 warning's you get booted.

      The only time you shouldn't be playing a game during clan wars in the areas we need you in should be if you're eating.

      When clan wars isn't active it's fine to play other modes, but if they're you need to play  the areas we need to cap.

      We don't take kindly to people to talk **** about other team mates.

      You run your mouth that's an automatic boot from the clan.

      Talk **** to other clan members that's an automatic boot.



      If you're interested Contacted either.

      Orphanism, or Hatas51


      Females are Majorly Welcome