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    Multiplayer problems / Installed game question



      In order to clarify the problems I've been having I think it would be best for me to start at the beginning, 3-4 months ago:

      My game worked fine, and I had no problems whatsoever with black ops II. Then my friend decided it would be a good idea to move my xbox while the game was running, which made a terrible noise and scratched my disc really bad in a ring shape around the middle. Long story short, the disc was recognized by my console afterwards, but it often took 2-3 times to load, had random freezes when entering games while I was in a party, had trouble loading zombies, and sometime multiplayer games became dicy and laggy. I dealt with this for awhile and tried various methods to remove the scratch on the disc, and it worked for awhile, but always ended up getting worse over time. This leads up to about 2 weeks ago, when I finally did some research and found out that I could run the installed version of the game so long as the disc was recognized by the console, so I borrowed my friends unscratched copy of the game to install it on my xbox. This fixed the start up problems, zombie loadup problems, and even the crashing with parties, however I feel like since I installed the game, the quality of my online matchmaking games has gone down. Nearly every time I zoom in down a long hallway or some scorestreak strikes, I get these random lag spikes where the game just becomes unresponsive for moments in time, leading me to believe that the install of the game hasn't helped with online play at all. I've tried dropping down the resolution, clearing my cache, and not moving at the start of games to let things load up. Nothing is helping, and my ability to play online has just gone out the door. And it's not my internet connection. I always have 3-4 bars of connection and a majority of people in my lobbies do as well.


      So that just about sums up the problems I've been having, so now I'm wondering what I can do (if anything) to fix this problem. I honestly am not even sure if the lagging is because of the disc, or just my xbox, however I know that other games do not have this problem, which leads me to believe that the installation just doesn't help with online play at all.


      If I can supply any more helpful information, or if I need to post this/bring this up somewhere else on the website, please let me know. Thanks for your time!