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    Kids these days


      Why not camp when you have the same guy running at you over, and over, and over again. I got 40 kills this match and had multiple 10+ killstreaks. I was anchoring the 'A' spawn and at no point during the match did we lose the flag. We won 200-70



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          Is it weird that I "protect from delete" and save hate messages I receive?  I find them rather comical, especially when the are sent by players who are mad at something they did to themselves. 

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            That poor kid.  I'd love to see a video of him typing out those messages, looking over his shoulder to make sure momma wasn't watching.

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              That was a good game, poor guys never knew what hit them,,,

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                ghamorra wrote:


                Why not camp when you have the same guy running at you over, and over, and over again. I got 40 kills this match and had multiple 10+ killstreaks. I was anchoring the 'A' spawn and at no point during the match did we lose the flag. We won 200-70



                kid got swatted

                Cheezburger animated GIF

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                  I laughed out loud when I read the messages this kid sent you.  Good stuff!  The fact he was so enraged and trying to come up with the most vile things he could call you and that the ever derogatory "porkchop " adjective popped into his head I find even funnier.  I can tie all the rest of it together but "porkchop" seems so out of place here!  He must have really been off the rails...


                  Funny think is if he were standing right in front of you and you said, "Go on...say it now"  he'd probably burst into tears and pee his pants.


                  "Porkchop"...that's some funny **** right there!

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                    Try going to Charlie Intel and let them know you camp. I did and the hate from the kiddies are amusing. They can't comprehend why I camp and I was shaking my head as they always blame the campers for their deaths. I received a lot of hate on CI but that didn't faze me.

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                      I too have spent the last few days holding down particular points on the map, camping so to speak, now since ive had the PS4 ive not received one hate mail until i started defending positions and within 3 days ive had about 6 different people messaging me expressing their displeasure at my style of gameplay.


                      I simply reply with "U mad Bro?" and they go quiet more often than not.

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                        Got an unintentional KEM earlier, camping. We were playing against a clan too, they just kept running the same route and I thought sod it, I'm gonna keep killing until they suss me out, and they just didn't get it. What was even more surprising is I didn't get any expected hate message, very disappointing. I don't much like camping, but when you get a good run going and the enemy is stupid enough not to realise where you are then I'm going to take advantage.

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                          He has attacked you from every possible angle. His insults refer to race, gender, sexuality, body shape even religion if you look into it deep enough. Maybe if he attacked from every potential angle during the game he wouldn't have one of your shoes lodged up his a$$ crack. I guess we will never know.



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                            Lel, I can honestly say I have received and sent messages like that.

                            Is it wrong to enjoy shooting fish in a barrel ?

                            Depends on which end of the gun you are on.

                            Is it wrong to beat up a weaker kid because he hasn't spent as much time in the gym ?


                            They are running at you like idiots and therefore deserve to be shot like idiots.

                            It also depends on how skilled the camper is - if he is really good should they relax and not go as hard against a weaker foe ?

                            Theoretically yes but realistically no. It's a game and the objective is to win.

                            However, perhaps they are merely starting out or haven't played many FPS games before.

                            I ask myself that question sometimes while laughing my head off "why do they keep running at me, are they stupid ?!?"


                            Now think of it from another perspective - a newbie starting out with being up against a camper for their first experience. Someone (not you perhaps) ADSing with a thermal (LMG,MR, AR, SR) IED's covering them and teammates camping their flanks. The newbie can't get to the objectives (Dom or whatever) because they are playing against skilled campers so they become disheartened and hate the game. They become campers because that is what monkey sees as effective so monkey does. Nothing wrong with what - now we have more people camping though.

                            The camper and his mates caused this.

                            Is it fun then when the playercount drops below 5 figures and the only ones left are camping ?

                            We are starting to find out.


                            Not saying that camping isn't fun, for many it just isn't as fun as rushing.

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                                I didn't trap him. He had roughly 70% of the map available to him to explore out of my sight. I was camping 'A' and didn't journey beyond it. He chose to attack me and relentlessly try and pick me out of my spot. He chose to go after someone smarter, quicker, and all around better poised than he was and he lost miserably. He wasn't mad that I beat down on him. He was mad that he couldn't be down on me.

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                                    I wasn't saying you were, I am merely playing devils advocate.

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                                      However we have seen that this COD is suffering immensely and one reason I honestly feel is the passivity of playstyles dominating the aggressive alternatives.

                                      The onus is always on the attacker to root out the camper and as we have seen a very large part of the community is fed up with it.

                                      It's like the bullied becoming the bully scenario: campers thrash rushers in Ghosts so rushers change to camping and thrash other rushers and lesser campers etc.

                                      Then the games becomes "who can camp harder" and it turns into work, not fun.

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                                        No offense Gham but your point is actually moot, as when you are camping A you are forcing him to attack you as the whole aim/objective is to cap flags and you are in his way.

                                        Otherwise what is he supposed to do, say "stuff it I can't cap A because there is someone camping on it" ? What is he supposed to do then, wait for you to choose to move from that location ?

                                        That's one thing I find hilarious when campers say "he has the whole rest of the map" because they don't, they have like you said maybe 70%, take into account the other 5 players and there is nothing left. 


                                        But your point is very accurate when you say people aren't mad they got stomped but more so that they couldn't be the one laying the beatdown.

                                        All in all this game is too competitive for casual COD gamers and it turns them away.

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                                            All of your replies contradict a problem you claimed in another thread. You said players don't play the objective. I played the objective and now you're raising an issue with it. We had 'B' nearly the entire match and instead of progressively making his way across the map he was fixated on coming after me. I defended the flag, I prevented anyone from taking it the entire match, I kicked his ass by being the smarter player. How is that wrong?

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                                                Really ?

                                                Did I say it was wrong to camp A ?

                                                Did I say you weren't playing the objective ?


                                                You said you weren't forcing him to attack you but you clearly just stated that you guys had B and you were camping A.

                                                What were this players options then ?

                                                Please explain how he had an alternative than to try to kill you to cap A.

                                                From your own words "We had 'B' nearly the entire match" which I assume meant it was well defended.  (and as we all know B is generally the hardest flag to capture from any enemy)

                                                Should he have just sat down and given up ?

                                                Or, should he try to take out the entrenched enemy that is preventing his team from winning ?

                                                It's all a perspective exercise - no need to get upset.


                                                That is what I was pointing out - alot of campers (and this is from someone who camps/patrols a bit) seem to think "I am not forcing them to attack me, there is the whole rest of the map" but in actuality there are no viable alternatives.

                                                Also I wouldn't call camping A being the smarter player.

                                                Better positioned and entrenched (perhaps even better skilled) yes but not smarter.

                                                Even a 6yo knows that camping an objective will get you kills and deny the enemy the cap.

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                                                    I'm not upset. I was just clarifying and extending a point you made in the other thread. I don't feel like he had to come after me. If he was really that upset about my camping position then he had other options; stop rushing me head on and try something else, or focus his attention elsewhere. It's completely 100% on him and I'm not forcing him to do anything. If he's that miserable then he can play another game.

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                                                        Nothing is ever 100% completely on them.

                                                        By providing them with little to no alternatives then yes, you are in a manner of speaking forcing someone to do something - but that's semantics.

                                                        Technically no-one has to attempt to kill anyone in COD, but it is the whole point of the game...

                                                        The point I was making in the other thread is that generally players don't play the objective in objective based game-modes in Ghosts which is contributing to player frustration.

                                                        I did not say no-one at all.

                                                        You didn't mention earlier he was rushing you head on - so yes he could have gone about it better.


                                                        However I have an issue with this attitude of players " If he's that miserable then he can play another game."

                                                        So you have no problem if 90% of the Ghosts playerbase got so frustrated they went and played something else ?

                                                        I'm sure the rest of the Ghosts players wouldn't enjoy having a a mere couple of thousand players to choose from worldwide.

                                                        Attitudes like that are what has made this game unbearable for many.


                                                        How would everyone feel if the majority of people decided to lay prone and not move from their spawn for days on end ?

                                                        Or noobtube with Danger Close and C4 only for game after game after game etc...

                                                        Would you say "fair enough that's fine" or would you get frustrated and think "these people are ruining this game" ?

                                                        How would you then react if someone said to you "suck it up or go play something else"


                                                        As everyone says "they paid for the game they can play how they want" but in reality is a different beast.

                                                        You can play however you choose but it has consequences - like having no-one else left to play against.

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                                                            Kids can't handle HC they arrive in the lobby the depart as soon as they can , ghamorra as well as many who play core can understand this thread a little better than me, I won't say players don't comment on rage or send ill messages or even camp in HC , it's just you hardly ever find the same player(s) constantly coming back to where ghamorra set up tent. I guess it could come down to timing as well? play after dinner many of the community are a little older? I like alot of what you said lol

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                                                                Lol I know right, HC forces you to play smarter or your just cannon fodder to an even greater extent than core.

                                                                I would play HC waaay more if there were more players on, too hard to find a suitable game but man I love it.

                                                                Yeah I reckon i'll have to play around 8 or 9 WA time when the little ones have gone off to camp in their bunk beds.

                                                                I play this game to kill mofo's not play hide-and-seek.

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                                                                If someone is so angry over a game that they have to send, not one, but two hate messages as explicit at this then I suggest they find something else to do their time for their sake. I don't mind playing these types of players. They're mostly too stupid to think beyond what's happening in their crosshairs, but I certainly wouldn't play a game that makes me this angry. It defeats the purpose of playing a game.


                                                                I don't understand why you're defending him as if he's rightfully upset and I deserved this message (at least that's what I'm getting out of what you've said thus far). He chose to attack me and I killed him. I defended my flag and prevented him from taking it. He got mad. Sounds to me like it's entirely on him for his own misery.

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                                                                    Don't get me wrong - I am not condoning his messages.

                                                                    I am addressing the underlying issues that cause so much angst in players that they send messages like that.

                                                                    It's isn't the game that makes players angry (unless its bad spawns etc), it's other players that anger them.

                                                                    I understand where he is coming from just as I understand where you are coming from.


                                                                    It's all too easy to say "I don't deserve this" when being indifferent to how your actions impact others.

                                                                    Maybe that kid was just fed up with bumping into camper after camper after camper for countless lobbies.

                                                                    I'd say he was more angry at himself and was merely taking it out on you.


                                                                    Seeing as you were part of the reason he is upset (no matter if it's a wrong or right thing) it isn't entirely on him for his misery - but that's me being pedantic.

                                                                    The thing is if everyone was indifferent to how their playstyle impacted the game (which most are) then we end up with a terrible and mundane gaming experience.

                                                                    The onus is on the community to ensure we all have fun - not just one segment.

                                                                    Otherwise we end up with these current playercounts and current lack of anything Ghosts.

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                                                      Gotta love when people act like there is some sort of "rule" dictating how the game is "meant to be played". People need to learn that there is no "right" or "wrong" way to play and that their way is not the "only" way to play. You play however you can to win without actually outright cheating (hacking/modding). If other people don't like it then that's their problem that they have to deal with, not try to force that person to conform to their ideals of the game.


                                                      Such people need to learn to put a leash on their egos.


                                                      More, more, and more I'm sure that most of the people complaining about "campers" probably aren't even having any trouble with ACTUAL campers, just people who bested them and they can't take it.

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                                                        That reply puts him at about 12 to 14, he should be on ***-BoX imao. Not the PSN yet???

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                                                          Of the things that make me laugh in this game nothing is sweeter than

                                                          "OH NO MY KEM" on the mike blast after a kill

                                                          or that kiddy scream

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                                                            I love these ego boosters. I haven't gotten hate mail in awhile last time I got it was awhile ago but I did get yelled at yesterday for using two IEDs with Danger Close and placing them anywhere. I made so many rage induced try hards mad and screaming cause I ruined their 15 and 0 flawless games.

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                                                              I broke a self record today, I got challenged to twelve 1v1 matches from swearing kids. Many have rage quit today.