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    Completed POC SOLO 5 RELIC


      For those of you who know me, you know I RAGE quit instantly in Solo Gameplay when I get downed. Well after trying about 15 times times total, I finally beat POC SOLO w/ 5 Relics and 0 downs. I have set the nuke and made my journey to (Arnold Voice) "GET IN THE CHOPPER," twice and got downed because of my own stupidity and once by getting stuck where I could not move. INSTANT RAGE QUIT, excuse me while I field goal kick a child! I am also proud to say I did not have Sentry Guns, but I did have my handy GT. I ran Pistol Only, Mortal, Do Less, Stand Your Ground, and the one for Less Ammo from picked up packages (Can not Remember Name.) I run into lots of people telling me they have done a POC Solo 5 Relic EASILY SMH. I never take the time to check their stats because most are lying and then have a handful of excuses why it doesnt show up. So world you can let your kids play again, I wont be kicking them anytime soon. Your friendly neighborhood ALIEN KILLER, URgodWILLcUsoon.