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    Load errors 10 and 12 and all progress is lost. Please help!

      The game was removed from my phone by a cleanser app.

      So I reinstalled the game from the google play store. When I started it, it started at level 7 (?).

      When I logged in to my Activate account again, it gave error 10 with the option to "check" or go to "support".

      When I choose "check" it will give error 12.

      Going back and forth it will stop to give the message, ask my age and start at the very beginning.

      Even when playing from there and closing down the app, will result in starting at level 1 again the next time the app is opened.


      I would really like to get my progress back (level 29). I know the game is saved to the cloud. One time when I started the game, it asked me whether I didn't want to play my saved game at level 29.

      I was happy it apparently worked again, and choose to have it loaded. However again the loading did result in the load errors 10 and 12 again.

      I tried to de-install and reinstall the game, but to no avail.


      Please help, I had so much fun with this game.


      Kind regards