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    Online MP issues BO / BO2 only

      Please help!  In the last 24 hours I've not been able to join a lobby by myself, and it's only on Black Ops and BO2 on my PS3.  If I do get lucky and join its beyond rare, but I'm only on 1 bar max every time.  The only "quick way" I can join is if I join a friends lobby, but again I'm only on 1 bar with a terrible lag (c4's literally disappear when I throw them, the reappear 2 seconds later as if I only threw it 3 ft) so it's pointless.  I just had my internet company out and they connected an Ethernet cable, gave me a new router and modem, and all of my other devices are running very fast (close to 15mbps), not to mention I just tried Max Payne 3 MP and it worked fine,.  I also did the 1st 4 resets on the PS3 hard reset options (restart system; restore default settings; restore file system; rebuild database), and none of this helped, so this has to be a COD server issue.


      Please contact me and help as this is a huge bummer.  Any advice out there?!

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          Hey mate. Here's a link that you can check, Activision Support thats a link regarding problems connecting online. That helps me and I hope that will help you too

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              Abbulls suggestion and link are the correct answer. If you recently acquired a new router and new modem, then your NAT needs to be reset and ports forwarded. That your other devices are working fine is no indicator as to whether or not your console's connection settings are correct for a vast number of reasons. I can provide links to threads that explain those reasons, but if you're not up to reading the Canterbury Tales, then just take our word for it - your console's connections need to be reset.

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              For BO2, you could try changing the search preference to ANY. This will allow you to find matches faster in the game but there's a high chance of being a laggy match. It would be best to try the link provided by Abbuls. In case you wish to know how to change the search preference, here's the steps on how to change them. Go to Find Match > Core/Hardcore > Press Square > Set to ANY > Team Deathmtch or any game mode.