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    Offense Wins Games, Defense Wins Clan Wars

      I have recently setup my class around a defensively oriented playstyle. I run full support (Night Owl, Squad Mate, Oracle) and a class designed to allow me to secretly stalk about (Honey Badger, OTG, Incog, Ping, Takedown).


      This setup has drastically improved my game but that's not the best part. This class, though incredibly defensive in principle and nature, has allowed me to become incredibly aggressive. I'm now averaging 30-40+ kills per game in DOM matches. AVERAGING. On top of that my deaths have been cut in half. Because I'm so attack oriented now I dictate the spawns and I control the matches rather than the opposite. I've attracted the attention of others and last night in two separate lobbies I received some wonderful hate-mail.


      I'm wondering way more players don't go with Support. I find it to be a great way to cover all your bases and judging by loadouts in Final Killcams and Killcams everyone thinks Specialist is the way to go.

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