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    Halo gets a "Master Chief" Collection. Are you paying attention, Activision?

      So, I am not a Halo fan. Never have been. Played Halo 4 and enjoyed it, the MP didn't do much for me. Yet I know many have enjoyed the game over the years.


      So I can imagine that those folks were pretty stoked this week when 343 announced they are releasing the "Master Chief" Pack, featuring updated versions of all the Halo games re-mastered for Next Gen, with improved Graphics and Sound (But if I heard the developer correctly, you can revert at any time back to classic graphics and sound by pushing the 'Back' Button). Not only will all the Campaigns be brought back, but over 100 MP maps as well.


      So this got me thinking... why can't Activision pull something like this off? I think it would outsell anything on the market, easily. Imagine playing COD4 on the PS4 or XBOne.... without the hackers and other shenanigans.


      Is this something you'd be interested in? Would it work for CoD? The one issue I can see is that while CoD has been a yearly release, Halo has been more staggered, so not as prolific. Perhaps they could break it down into a couple of collections?