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    Everything we know about new relic scores

      Ive decided to start this discussion  as its not yet clear , what are the new scores obtained wearing more than 5 relics. I figured that each relic adds 2k to you relic score. Meaning if you run 7 you would get perfect score of 20k and +2 for each extra, which ends up 24k. but the second cities and 3 cities in map where you usually got 30k and 40 k end up little different.

      LEts say you use 8 relics. frat city you will get 26k max score, second city you should be getting 36 k score but youre getting 41....? and then 3rd city instead of 46 , youre getting 52k. so im kinda lost as relic score varries per city, theres no definite score per relic throught the game.

      All in all im interested what can be the highest score obtained using 6,7,8,9,10 relics separately on POC,NF,Mayday. With the recent release of new relics im sure we all lost the track of number.

      Lets contribute and make it work.

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