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    Forum Boosting: A tip on how to avoid it and a potential solution.

      As many regular forumers probably know by now, there has been some point boosting going on recently that is negatively impacting the community. I offer below both a tip as to how to avoid a potential issue, and a possible solution for future implementation.


      Tip: Click on the profile of the thread's creator, regardless of rank. If the account is only a day old or so, it should be a red flag, at least for the time being. If the account is older, say 3 months for example, it's probably safe waters.


      Potential Solution: Make it so that forum users who post responses must accept the mark as "correct" or "helpful" before points are distributed. This will allow the responder to control the point flow. If the answer gets marked correct more than once, the user can simply decline the points and the mark, thus keeping the profile's points intact.


      Let me know if you think this is a viable option.