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    Mayday, Mayday, Mayday, Calling all Extintion players, Help us #Racetoescape on Friday the 13th



      When: Friday The 13th of June 10pm Bst Time Zone Converter – Time Difference Calculator


      Calling all Extinction player's: The developers of Call Of Duty Ghosts are joining the EU Community Game Night in an Extinction #RaceToEscape and this time its war....Can anyone beat Candice and Polly?

      We want YOU to help us race to escape Mayday

      We will have Multiple teams, racing to escape first, each team will have a Community Game Night Host and a member of the Call Of Duty Ghosts development team, we want YOU to be part of our team!

      For a chance to be part of the team, simply tweet your name, your Gamertag, and and the hashtag #RaceToEscape, you must be able to play on Friday The 13th at 10pm Bst


      Remember to add what console you are playing on

      For EUCGN News Follow

      David Flannagan (FlannaganTW) on Twitter

      Goggles (I_am_Goggles) on Twitter


      polly (pollydollyNo1) on Twitter

      For Call of Duty Ghosts News Follow Infinity Ward (InfinityWard) on Twitter

      P.s Look out for a few more special gusts who Mayday be joining us

      So who wants to play?