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    Has anyone figured a way to fix the bug that disables you from dropping a picked up item on the container going up to the deck playing solo on Mayday?

      I recently dropped a hypno trap on the container going up to the deck on a solo Mayday run and upon getting up to the deck, I am unable to drop the item and cannot activate any traps to down myself, nor activate any hives to activate some cryptids to come down me. I tried jumping down into the previous area, hoping it would down me, but that is no good either. I have found no way to fix this and do not want to quit the game. I only play solo and I now know never pick anything up in that elevator type container that goes up to the deck. Has any one had any luck with this on SOLO? I have read how to fix it playing Co-Op, but I am now stuck on a solo mission with a high score and am unsure as to whether you lose all points, along with the large amount of time I have wasted now playing the level until this point...Any advice?