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      Sorry Everyone,


      But how or what has happened with this system in forum numbers I am now official fracking confused this is what I see as of now:


      1- I have 34,687 points.

      2- I am level 38

      3- I am number 9 in ranking (recent passed by a green frog only after two weeks) I have been posting for almost 3 years. 


      I post allot, and I try to help many, though my numbers seem high they are (I believe) midway to what?


      Gosh what happened to simplicity: Post counts + years of talking


      When I visit the support section, I answer questions, but its all so pressured to say the correct things, can anyone solve my failing support know how and point leveling thingy magigy


      < theres free points if you do >

      cartoon animated GIF