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    Need Some Advice on a MK14 EBR Class:

      With the new DLC out I came back to ghost after a month and a half absence about two weeks ago.  I have lost some of my skills and reworking some of my older classes and trying some new things.  I wanted a class that functions similar to a sniper, but I needed something a little more mobile because my primary game mode is killed confirmed.  I don't have the consistencey to play as a mobilie sniper.  So, I looked to the marksman rifles. I have a SVU class where I operate it wiht ironsights and a supressor at close to mid range and do very well. However, I wanted a marksman class that had a little more distance.  I don't like the thermal sight and the SVU's default optics and I don't like each other.  So, I settled on the MK14.  It has the second longest range of the marksman rifles and it's default scope is clear and easy to use.



      The build:



      Primary Weapon: MK14-EBR

      Attachments: Muzzle Break, Extended Clip

      Secondary weapon: Gold PDW

      Attachment: Extended Clip

      Perks: Ready up, Stalker, Reflex, Focus

      Leathal: IED

      Tactical: Concussion grenade

      Streaks: Ammo Crate, Ballistic Vest, Maws



      I play the class as a mobile sniping type class. Normally, I will go to a window or open area. Set up the idea at my back on a common approach and then start looking around for somebody to kill.  After 20 to 25 seconds or when I get a kill or two I will move on to collect my tags.  I normally swap to the pistol in tighter quarters or if somebody trips my IED and doesn't die.  I would like some suggestions on how I might improve this class. I like the mk14 with it's default optics, the pistol and IED.  I attachments I picked here are arbitrary, I have everything unlocked and I might as well have something on the guns.  The only perks I need are ready up and focus.  Any suggestions would be welcome.  Thanks in advance.




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