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    Amount of Teeth You Earn

      I think that the amount and how often you get teeth is kind of ridiculous. It takes forever to get 2 teeth a game when using 1 relic and completing the map. Now it says that you are to earn a bonus tooth for every player that you play with that hasn't completed the map, when you beat the map, and I have yet to have this actually happen.


      Basically, I think the Devs need to make it a little easier to obtain teeth, which ultimately, will pull in more people playing extinction to get all the upgrades.


      Now as to a rough chart currently, you get as follows;


      1 tooth per completion of map

      1 tooth when using a relic(s)

      1 tooth for a player who has not completed a map upon a successful completion

      1 tooth for every 400-600 alien kills


      3 teeth a week from the bonus pool(re-set weekly)


      Now for a suggested re-work of the teeth i would say this would be a fair amount.


      2 teeth per completion of map

      1 tooth for 1 relic

      2 teeth for 5 relics

      3 teeth for 10 relics

      1 tooth for a player who has not completed a map upon successful completion(stays the same, good)

      1 tooth for every 400-600 alien kills. (stays the same, good)


      Now as for the bonus pool, i think they should set it to determine the amount of teeth you get by the amount of escapes you have in the week. It should determine how many bonus teeth you receive by taking about 30%-40% of the amount of escapes you had that previous week.

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          I wish it was harder to get teeth or the upgrades cost more, OR the upgrades on the latest dlc weren't SO weak...or you could give them away..."Hey mate- great game..here's 10 teeth I don't know what to do with anyways"...After getting all the upgrades and the disappointment that my banked stash was pretty much useless when all the new upgrades cost about 2 teeth (I know..wrong #..trying to make a point)...the whole teeth same now seems pointless anyways...where's the 100+ teeth upgrade we were all looking for?  I understand they need to cater to the masses...then give us a 100, 200, 500 teeth patch or something...some grinning criptid showing us his pearly whites or something...anything to show our dedication to the game....

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            Im going to be TOTALLY honest with you, TEETH are easy to get. whoever moans about getting them are hard should just shove it where it should be. the more you play the more you get and those who keep playing are rewarded for getting so many.


            The first lot of teeth upgrades cost 245 teeth and the new 5 are 37. a total of 282 teeth for everything!

            I have more than 350 teeth spare and I don't even finish all of my games, or escape while using a relic. its because I just put my spare time into the game. I play solo with lots of relics and barely earn teeth currently but I've already bought everything. but at the time, it was easy to get teeth. 2 teeth a game was good enough. I have around 300 escapes and I don't see that as too high, for many of you's maybe but to me its average.


            Teeth upgrades should cost more and have more challenging ones to obtain. rhino one was 50, could easily be 100 I think. or have a share function with teeth so those who find it easy can share with those who are struggling.

            bottem line is, PLAY MORE TO EARN MORE!

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              I agree teeth are pretty easy to obtain, I am probably just a decent player and I just need 3 more upgrades and I am done.

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                It would be nice to have some reward for all the time spent on the game.  People who spend more time on the game deserve a little something in form of recognition.  I would love some expensive teeth purchase options; I don't know what but I also don't want it to make too much of a change in the game.  We still want the game to be challenging.


                Maybe another "start with a skill point'

                Some player customization options...

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                  Personally hope they don't mess with how teeth are earned, especially not making it easier.  If they did that, it cheapens what everyone else has worked for.  In addition to the fact that grinding teeth isn't that difficult (as mentioned before).  Just solo in regular with 1 relic, and you'll get 3 or 4 each round (more if you haven't collected the bonus pool).  It takes time to work toward maxing out your armory ... and it should.

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                    How about 30 teeth for "starting with a random tactical". Now there's an idea Devs!


                    sure, you'd get a crappy SOFLAM every now and then, but it could be helpful if you were running the "Earn your Keep" relic.


                    oooooo, how about 100 teeth for the option to play as a random spawning Cryptid, Hunter, Scorpion, Rhino?? Enemy kills you, you re-spawn as something else!

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                          Whilst the starting with a random tactical is a great idea, if you used that relic, I would assume it wouldn't let you start with any tactical such as a flare, hypno or trophy. A SOFLAM, maybe, but even then I doubt that, since scavenging is disabled.

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                              It could be programmed to where you get your tactical even if you had the relic on. I mean, you'd only get one for that game...use wisely and hope it's good.


                              with the No Machines relics, you don't get to have an Equalizer/Strike packages, but you can jump on anyones GT or PT.


                              Stand your ground you can upgrade your pistol and get some of that speed back.


                              my point is, that anything can be programmed to make it work. I'd love to see it bc I don't think we'll be seeing any Solo 10 relics run. Well, lemme take a step back, maybe in regular game mode...maybe, but not hardcore. I know spider just did an 8 relic run. A 10 solo in HC is just too brutal, you have nothing except very few bullets. With an armory upgrade of a random tactical/lethal, you might have a fighting chance....maybe.

                              Can you imagine a 10 relic run at the Nuke hive or Mayday Kraken? LMAO!

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                            3 teeth for the completion of all challenges

                            2 teeth for the completion of 75% of all challenges

                            1 tooth for the completion of 50% of all challenges.


                            1 tooth for being the top performer

                            1 tooth for not going down

                            1 tooth for spending the most money


                            Teeth need to be given out for team work. The lack of effort by the general community in Extinction has driven me away from playing it. If players were more willing to take playing even a little bit seriously I think it would greatly improve the experience.