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    What's your favorite class set-up and why?

      I'm been looking at new class set-ups messing around with different stuff this past week. Looking to get some better classes put together. I'd say I'm an above normal player. I have a 2.04 K/D I get about 25+ kills per TDM game. But was looking to hear some of your favorite class set-ups. Some good classes you go hard with.




      • AK 12

      - Grip

      - Extended Mags



      • Ready Up (1 point)
      • Sleight of Hand (2 points)
      • Stalker (3 points)
      • Hardline (2 points)
      • Ping (2 points)
      • On The Go (1 point)



      • Guard Dog (5 kills)
      • Battle Hind (9 kills)
      • Helo Pilot (12 kills)

      (note: Since I'm running hardline it's one less kill on my streaks.)


      I don't run with any lethal and tactical, I feel like they're a waste of points.

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          Re: What's your favorite class set-up and why?

          I'm around a 1.74 K/D and I get around 18 to 22 kills a game. Typically always moving. I generally only stop moving to reload or heal.


          Large to Medium Maps:


          Red Dot - Grip


          Ready Up - Agility - Dead Silence - Awareness - Focus - Fully Loaded


          I.M.S. - Trinity Rocket - Battle Hind (Sometimes Maniac)


          Medium to Short Maps:


          Grip - Muzzle Break (Sometimes Silencer)


          Ready Up - Slight of Hand - Dead Silence - Amplify - Focus - Fully Loaded


          Sat Com - I.M.S. - Sentry Gun


          I also never run with a lethal, tactical, or secondary. I like the Remington set-up because it is a laser with Grip and the Red Dot just makes everything much easier to see. I like using Agility with on ARs instead of Slight of Hand because I like increasing my movement speed to where the SMGs are at and the Remington already has a decent reload time. Plus, I'm rarely getting in a lot of CQC, fast reload type situations when using it. I like to sound whore, so Dead Silence and Amplify are pretty self explanatory. Focus seems to be a must have to gun gun fights in Ghosts and I like Fully Loaded because I don't have to risk going for a Scavenge Pack. I like using the I.M.S, Trinity Rocket, Battle Hind string. Once you get the Trinity Rocket, you just need two kills out of the three to get the Hind. The I.M.S. is just simply the most lethal low end streak in the game.


          My CQC class mostly only switches up Slight of Hand for Agility. I like the movement speed of SMGs, so I like having the ability to reload faster on small maps since the action is generally always going. Muzzle Break on the MTAR-X basically makes it an AR. Grip makes the recoil hardly noticeable. I drop the Hind and go for a Sat Com on the CQC class simply because you die more often. I like the Sentry Gun on small maps instead of the Trinity Rockets because there are more likely to be buildings, plus, more people are rushing around corners.


          Interesting that you mention Ping. Ping is a perk I hardly ever think of when making a class, but when I think about it, it seems like a very beneficial perk. I might sub in Ping for Slight of Hand and see how it does.

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            Re: What's your favorite class set-up and why?

            Main class:

            USR - chrome barrel, Ap Rounds

            P226 - muzzle break

            ready up, agility, quickdraw, focus, dead silence

            satcom - ballistic vests - squad member


            That is my go-to aggressive sniping class set-up. I like it because it mixes speed and silence, if someone spots me before i spot them i usually die, so i like to break cover and be aggressive then hide and repeat. I usually don't surpass 15 kills. that depends on the opposition and my lag though. I use ap rounds in this set-up vs extended mags mainly because i got sic of running into guys running balistic vests, I am usually dead if i miss anyway, but i stand no chance unless i get a lucky/snap head shot with someone running BV. Although i sometimes think i would be better off running a thermal scope (due to colour blindness difficulty) i find it throws off my shot. Not sure if i die more or less by not using it though.


            My tryhard set-up is:

            Honeybadger - grip, extended mags

            ready up, quickdraw, stalker, focus, dead silence

            Ims, trinity, hind


            I usually pick up a secondary along the way. This is not the most optimal set-up for getting high streaks but i just like the way it plays.

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              Re: What's your favorite class set-up and why?

              i only use this setup on Warhawk, but with it I have by far the most fun playing a tower defense in the room overlooking the center on the "theater" end


              M27/ thermal/ muzzle break

              no secondary

              IED x 2

              hardline, gambler, deadeye and whatever it is that gets me the second bagmore

              IMS, Sentry Gun, Hind


              place one at the base of the stairs in the door to the bakery and one at the top.

              kill out the front window until the bags are gone

              Get the fourth kill and put by the IMS by the door, keep controlling the middle of the board

              get the sentry gun and put to whatch the door after the IMS is done, keep controlling the middle of the board

              get the hind which by that time the IMS is ready for action again and own the center of the map

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                Re: What's your favorite class set-up and why?

                My current fav class is:


                Maverick (smg option)

                Rapid fire






                Ready up


                On the go



                Battle hind


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                  Re: What's your favorite class set-up and why?

                  Primary: R5

                  Attachments: Red dot and muzzle break

                  Secondary: None

                  Lethal: Frag

                  Tactical: None

                  Perks: Ready up (1 point), Marathon (2 points), Quickdraw (3 points), Focus (2 points), Dead silence (2 points)


                  My streaks depend what I'm playing and going for.  I play a lot of CvC so specialist is my only option.  Lately when I play regular modes I have been using:


                  Battle Hind (9 points)

                  Helo Pilot (12 points)

                  Loki (15 points)

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