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    Team Support/Drill Protector Master, It's what I do.

      I take pride in the fact that I proivide to the best of my try hard status ability to protect the drill and provide my portion and some for team support. Also, I consider myself one of the best player protection in high relic runs to whoever is using them. I myself have not honestly tried to obtain the highest score possible on any map, but have helped in tons of games. If you have played with me you know exactly what I am talking about. Just the other day my friends and I managed 3 diffrent top 100LBP score for Nightfall and POC. Including a #7 and #60's in Nightfall Co-Op with no downs, and a #80 POC Co-Op LBP when he was only shooting for a top 1,000 position. I also never used the grenade turret to help with this, strictly guns only for those who will say this is easy you use the GT, um NO. I wish more players could be like some on my friends list and learn what CO-OP is truly about. To all of those who I have helped or want help, I am more than happy and enjoy it. It is CO-OP for a reason. Your friendly neighborhood alien killer, (this also my GT if you need help on Xbox 360) URgodWILLcUsoon