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    (XBOX 360) (Pub Stomping Clan) (Platinum Division) D4Rk Embacy Recruiting ! MUST be ACTIVE and have a KDR of 2.0 or higher.

      Recruiting for D4Rk Embacy clan ( XBOX 360 only) !

      D4Rk Embacy consists of good,mature, active players. Everyone in the clan has a 1.5 KD or higher and are active. I am looking for around 12 people to recruit before the next clan wars.

      If you want to get recruited you must need the following : A 2.0 KD or higher, you must be 15 an older, and most importantly you MUST BE ACTIVE.

      We're in platinum division and we pub stomp. Not to mention we are good at ANY game mode (Cranked, Blitz [spawn trap], Domination, Hardcore game modes and any other core game modes)

      If your looking for a really good clan try out for D4Rk Embacy


      If interested in joining the clan contact me on xbox 360,message my gamertag or send me a friend request

      My gt is exactly as spelled below


      D4Rk Ellusion.


      Thanks !


      PS Try to have a working mic