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    Customizable lobbies

      Has this been overlooked? forggotten? got rid of ? declined  ?

      where the **** are they?,

      You create a lobby, you set the map random or chosen, you pick off the guns you dont wanna see in the game, annndd


      You put the kill count higher than 75. Yep.

      Set the time frame, unlimited!

      Headshots only?

      No scope?

      No killstreaks?

      Knife only?

      Old school health?



      This probably has been sujested already right? I mean, its been 6 games, is this like a no man's land?


      PS, ... is this because of host migrations? Settings taken cant be passed over in case the lobby dude crash?


      Ive been looking forward this for a long time, because if I die 1 time, the game is so short theres no way Im getting my last killstreak


      So maybe thats it, to make last killstreak rewards so worthy, rare and exclusive they make it so that games are just as long as you cant get **** if you die once?


      Some enlightement please?