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    Just because you own a Mic......

      Hey look its me complaining again haha... anyway I'm sure I'm not the only one who is having this stupid issue, with people mainly teens/ preteen age kids getting on the mic just to make noises or play annoying music, or just have there kinect on right next to their speakers. Now why oh why are you doing it, I mean I get bored too, but d*mn lol. Yes I know I can mute them, but when your in the middle of a match its quite annoying, and yes I know there is a permanent mute setting on the 360, but on the off chance I do want to chat then I have to take more steps to do so.... Sounds lazy but I just don't feel its necessary to have to go through all of that because of immaturity.HEY JUST BECAUSE YOU OWN A MIC, DOESN'T MEAN WE ALL WANT TO HEAR YOU OR YOUR MUSIC!!! Ehh?