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    Friendly reminder time again for diamond opt in.

      Dont forget that if you want to play in diamond division for this upcoming clan war to opt in before the bronze through platinum roster lock which can occur up to 24 hours before the start of the cw . So that means the opt in deadline is sometime on 6-17-2014 .. Also as previously mentioned on other threads and in the news feed on the app keep on the look out for new rules that they may be doing this time .


      IF this this is your first opt in here are the directions

      on the app go to the clan wars page through the menu

      once at the clan wars page click on the menu button once it drops down select diamond invite

      once the invite pops up select a time slot select opt in...

      to verify simply go through the process of getting to the diamond invite again this time once you open it you should see a check next to the time slot that you selected---- you will have to continue through the opt in again which is fine that is just the mechanics of it---- only the clan commander and lt commanders can opt in. You need to have two first place finishes in platinum to have the diamond invite .