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    Best UK ISP for call of duty?


      Hi guys, my frustrations have brought me here to ask for help regarding an ISP to use for call of duty, my previous provider was good but 1 missed payment after 2 years, i ask for extension or tried but got put onto person after person who hasn't got a clue what there on about or how to speak the English language and getting an answer became impossible so switched my ISP to one i knew had UK based call centres, only problem my xbox downloads are being throttled (didnt even know they could do that) during day time up to 11:30ish at night meaning a 50mb game update can take hours, a normal cod update can take from whatever time I start and wont finish till high speeds kick in so usually wait about 7 hours which is completely unacceptable and yet again useless call centres and everyone just seems to be lying saying theres nothing I can do so need to change again, who should I go with or does anyone here know how to bypass the throttling, port forwarding DMZ and a few other router settings have no effect.

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          Did you switch from BT to Virgin by any chance?


          Your connection get throttled by your ISP as byproduct of them trying to slow down torrents which are P2P, unfortunately listen servers fall under P2P and are throttled at peak times. There is no way to bypass this.

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            To be honest I just got sky unlimited fibre connected about a week ago. After a long stint with shitty talk talk adsl. And omg the difference on cod games. Especially ghosts. Makes life so much easier. When I had talk talk I basically had to camp the game, my latency was so poor I could never run around like a mad man And get kills. Now with sky fibre I can play however I feel. No lagging, no wtf moments. No more throwing my controller. It's a clean game.

            I Definitely recommend them. I just downloaded something on my xbox 156mb took under 20 secs. highly recommend them. Look into it.

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              Depends where you live, BT and Virgin and overall probably the best. I'm with virgin with 120mb and most of the time it is flawless, however they are notorious for capping areas so I wouldn't go for them if you know a lot of your neighbours use Virgin. My whole street seems to be with Virgin and when they cap you its frustratingly hard to play online, either browsing the web on your laptop or phone.

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                You know I didn't really think of sky as a good for gaming provider but after reading comment here dug into a bit and they do seem very good, will give them a call first thing tomorrow so thanks guys.

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                  BT's as good as it gets..They're the best of a bad bunch

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                    I'm with Virgin media, have been for the last 6 or so years and in that time, I've only had about 4 issues where I lost connection completely.


                    Apart from these times, I have only had 1 issue with CoD, and thats from CoD 4 right through to Ghost.


                    It was on blops 2, but that was due to a update on the game.


                    Can ping from Scotland to East Coast US in about 95ms.


                    EDIT -


                    Virgin Media has got rid of throttling for download speed and only caps upload speed now.


                    Even if you do get capped on you're download speed, it really shouldn't effect the game.

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                      If speeds are your only concern,  virgin don't throttle nowadays, and on my package guaranteed close to 30 mb down and close to 2 up, can't believe i'm saying this but they also exceed my expectations in other areas too. Decent low constant ping, with little to no jitter.

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                        I'm with virgin media and I have their 120mbps speed service.


                        I get 125mbps down and 11.7mbps up. Ping is amazing too and the service is great for online gaming,


                        They're a good company until you get the "high utilisation" problem which destroys your internet quality and usually takes 1 and a half years to fix. Keep this in mind with them.

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                          Before I moved out of the old's, we were on Virgin (previously Telewest) and was with them for over 10 years. Never had major issues apart from the rare service outage. Bandwidth's have always been good apart from about 5 years ago when they were suffering capacity issues at peak times. Seem much better these days.


                          I'm now currently with Sky on their unlimited package and have been for 3 years now. Initially it was poor because I was so far from the exchange, but now I've moved house I get an extremely reliable connection (only one outage of 30 minutes in 3 years). I get very low jitter and stable bandwidth, so pretty happy. The biggest problem with Sky is they locked down many of the features on the router and insist you use their router. Luckily mine performs fine, but it does have it's limitations due to being locked down.


                          Don't worry too much about the bandwidth when it comes to gaming. 120Mb download won't necessarily be any better than a 20Mb package as this is bandwidth and not speed. Things like latency, how far you are from the host, whether you play on wired or wireless connection from your Xbox to the router, etc. Many things can effect it, but ISP can be one of them.


                          I'm intrigued about the game mode on Sky mentioned above. I'm already happy with the performance of my Sky broadband, but will look into that.