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    Thoughts on the "Pick-a-Punishment" (PaP) grenade system we saw in the trailer...

      (That's not what it's called, but I'll call it that for now.)


      Anyway, what do you guys think about the PaP grenade system as far as appearing in MP? Do you think the game will simply create a system in which you can hold up to two of both lethal and tactical (three of each with Extra+ perks), but will hinder how quickly you can choose them by having have to select which of the two you'd like to throw?


      Or do you think it's only a single player feature?


      As we can already guess, and from certain articles of people who saw a more extended version of the gameplay (behind closed doors), we know that the whole double jumping and hovering will be part of MP, and that we may get something similar to Black Ops 2's "Swarm" as a killstreak with those drones from the campaign demo. But this grenade thing, as cool as it looks in single player, seems more like a hindering gimmick than anything helpful, unless they figure out a way to make it very cool.


      As it is, with Ghosts, the use of semtex, frags, and concussion/9-bang has been heavily replaced by the use of IEDs and the Motion Sensor. So, do you think you would use the "PaP" often in the entirety of the game's lifetime, if it were added to MP? Why or why not?