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    To many hackers.

      I don't understand why Infinity Ward doesn't care about pc? There is haccker everywhere! Only 10% has a legit prestige the rest is hacking. They can't even optimize the game for pc when Black ops 2 runs smooth and has twice as many players. This is the last IW game i bought. I will go back to Black Ops II son where everyrthing works on pc.

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          Re: To many hackers.

          define the word "everywhere"

          It's hard to believe that there are hackers "everywhere" when half of the people in a tdm lobby has a negative kd. Unless there's an apocalypse of everyone turning into hackers...

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            Re: To many hackers.

            But it's true that they don't care about PC. I've sent several cheater reports (movies) to IW many weeks ago and no response... also the cheaters are still not banned

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              Re: To many hackers.

              I agree. 1 of every 10 servers i join is clean. 9 of 10 there is always 1 guy cheating and sometimes 2 or 3 guys cheating per server.


              I do agree that bo2 plays way better than ghosts on pc, hit detection, etc etc.

              But BO2 isn't much better in the cheat department.

              Bottom line is if you pick the right site to buy the cheat. you won't get banned. (so this means bo2 has plenty of cheaters). I'm sure I'm not the only guy who knows exactly where to get/buy a "real" undetected cheat for BO2 and use it wisely so the black ops2 A/C team doesn't catch on.

              You basically will find 1 cheater per server in bo2.


              It's not such a low percentage in bo2 where you rarely run into them.

              Trey did good. They banned many sites making cheats for their game. But not all. So ya. there are a few thousand people with working cheats for bo2 playing with us whenever they feel like doing so

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