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    [Xbox360] Recruiting Altivation (aVn) - Level 17 - Bronze Division - NonCompetitive

      [aVn] Altivation - Level 17 - NonCompetitive



      This is a Recruitment/Rules thread. So it will be a bit lengthy.


      Clan Info


      We are a small, level 17 clan. Not many players. Currently only 4 active. Two of us are on usually 5-7 days a week for about 4+ hours.
      We are not strictly competitive. We'll play a lot of normal game-types, NonCompetitive, though we do strive to win. Having said that: We don't focus 100% on our matches. We play to win but we also have normal conversations as well. One day we will go for competitive game-play but for now we are just a small clan looking to expand and make friends!

      I have taken it upon myself to get us more involved in the Clan Wars. You don't need the app but if you are accepted and want to know how we are doing, let me know at anytime.

      Rules/Recruitment info


      • You must speak English. That is the language I know the active members speak fluently. Any other languages I, personally, cannot say we speak.


      • Due to the time that I get on (Around 3pm PST) and other active members (Roughly 5pm EST) we request people from North America only.


      • We like to be as mature as possible and I feel 16 is a great beginning age.
        • Although age (maturity) has no number. You have a stronger chance at 16+, we won't deny you if you are mature and of younger age. No One is Denied Right Away. Everyone gets a chance regardless of age!


      • A mic is a must! We are focusing on communicative gaming-style. I personally will be hosting a bit of Reinforce every chance I get, for it is my preferred game type (others consisting of Domination and Drop Zone. But we'll take requests as well) so we need to be able to give you instructions mid-match if necessary.
        • On that note: As the majority of us do not know map call-outs, you don't need to know them either. But if you do, feel free to help us out a bit. We all learn from each other. (currently working on learning freight as it is a popular map with rather simple call-outs.)


      • No specific K/D (or W/L) requirements. All we ask is you go positive as much as you can! Our K/D bar is set at 0.7. If you have that or higher you will be instantly added (Provided you follow the other requirements: Active, have a mic, aren't an annoying 8 year old, speak English, live in North America. You get the point). If it is lower than 0.7 we will give you a "try-out" with myself, and at least one more of the elite Altivation members (TheosPenguin, Ferox aVn, or Orbow).
        • Just because your K/D is lower than 0.7 does not mean you won't be accepted.


      • We would appreciate it if you are on at least 2 hours a day for about 4 days a week but this is not a rule just a preference. If we feel you aren't active enough (it wont be random, we'll make sure it's consistent and fair to everyone), you'll get a warning. If the issue persists, we'll force a termination from the clan. This is to ensure less confusion.
        • Being "on" means in a game with at least one member of the clan. If you are playing solo or any other game, it will not count towards your "activeness." Besides, you're in a clan; why wouldn't you want to play with friends?
        • If there is a reason you won't be on for an extended amout of time, let us know. If it is an emergency and you can't tell us in advance and we dismiss you from the clan, please let us know as soon as you can and we will fix the mistake.


      "Trial" Information


      Add me, TheosPenguin, Ferox aVn, or reply below with as much info as you want to give (just your GT and K/D is fine) and we will put you through a trial depending on your K/D. Most likely what will happen is: After adding us on Xbox Live, we'll invite you to a party (game). We'll play mostly Domination and Drop Zone. Well try to play S&D/S&R/Reinforce to see how we'll you can survive. This will continue until we (or you guys) have to get off. Then we'll either let you know on the spot or we'll do a little thinking and send you a message with our decision.

        • It's best if you reply below, message me or Ferox aVn on Xbox, or just add us on Xbox. I don't pay attention to my messages on this site so there is a chance I won't see it

      Please bookmark this page, or at least save the "Rules/Recruitment Info" section somewhere so you can make sure you abide by them until you feel you have everything memorized.

      This may seem like a lot for a small clan, but once you're in and get a feel for things, all this will feel natural and you won't even worry about most of this stuff.


      Any questions/concerns? - Ask away below or in a message to either TheosPenguin, or Ferox aVn on Xbox and we'll reply as soon as we can! I'll be checking back here every chance I get.


      Thank you for your time and we hope to hear from you soon!


      ~TheosPenguin (Michael)