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    No "skill"z kid!



      According to dictionary.com the word means "the ability, coming from one's knowledge, practice, aptitude., to do something well". How does this word imply anything in COD or online gaming?


      Skill as the dictionary states is "knowledge, practice aptitude" many love to say things like "you have zero skill" or "this game requires no skill'z " but there is a form of skill needed to do decent at the game:

      Such as:


      • Quick reflexes
      • Ability to aim with precision
      • Good timing
      • Solid map awareness
      • Ability to find great spots
      • Team work


      These are but a few things that one could say requires skill.

      So if having no "skill" is not being good at anything than how come so called "good players" use the term "no skills" to justify their loss? If you think about it, no skills is someone with no experience, or know how yet that same person bests more often than not? Who is the real "no skills" when the word is used as it is now?


      So the word is a term now (no meaning) to justify playing terribly? Its grown confusing.


      I haz no Skills

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          Re: No "skill"z kid!

          I laugh when player's say that the MSBS is OP, camping is "not skilled", and running Support is for puss*es.


          The MSBS requires incredible accuracy as it's one of the few guns in the game that has recoil. It's also a 3 hit kill most anywhere which is on par with every other gun. This was all pre-patch and now it's even worse.


          Camping, as I've laid out about as obviously and plainly as possible, requires far more skill than what most players use to rush around like a dumbass getting shot and kill upwards of 30 times.


          Support has become an automatic trade mark for players with female genitalia. It's automatically assumed that you can't string together kills to get anything worthwhile out of Assault of Specialist so you use Support. I think this is stupid. I use Support because of what it offers and because of what it offers I do much better each game. Not having my stuff reset upon death is an added bonus but also don't forget, it takes awhile to get anything good out of it.


          In other words, what I'm saying. Is that the general CoD community undermines the skillful parts of the game. Whether they're ignorant to what skill is because YouTubers dictate what's skill and what's not often times leading to completely moronic conclusions as YouTuber often do about EVERYTHING, or it's a jealousy issue caused by most players lack of understanding and patience to properly use elements of the game as they are intended to be used.


          This explains the glorification of quickscoping which anyone can do if they have a single evening to practice. It's a "skill" most players use when using any weapon; keep the center of your screen where you want to shoot and pull the trigger as you ADS. This explains the obsession with C4, one of the most powerful explosives in the history of Call of Duty. Players can toss it long distances and over high objective and completely wipe out that entire area with ease. Players resort it and at the first mention of a nerf they lose their damn minds. This explains the unreasonable expectations out of SMGs. Call of Duty hasn't had balanced SMGs for some time. They're all severely unrealistic (which is fine up to a certain point). Their range and RoF completely make up for their lack of damage and the accuracy with them far exceeds logic. But no one will dare admit this because SMGs are fast and mobile. Their preferred and therefore everyone looks the other way but cries when they finally get a nerf they deserve.


          This is how Call of Duty works. Hate on things that take skill because no one in the community wants to take the time to learn. When someone does players realize that the trade-off for learning something that takes skill means you have an advantage and that's just not fair. However, let's hold insane expectations for the easy route and demand that that which is easy also be the most powerful.


          Skill is OP

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              Re: No "skill"z kid!

              But you needs teh Skillz to not be called "skilllessesses" right?

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                  Re: No "skill"z kid!

                  Go up to any middle school or high school kid and ask them if they're good at Call of Duty. They'll tell you their on some MLG team or a competitive clan. They'll throw out some BS stats like "I have  a 2.5 K/D" and whatever else. They talk about how badass they are at rushing and how they can get 50+ kills in a game.


                  My brother started playing Call of Duty seriously with MW3 and he wasn't very good. He played all day though and actually made it to prestige 20 (or where that game finally stopped at) and he was only 14 at the time. He raged so hard because he would die north of 30 times during a match and it was tough trying to explain to him that he was getting ahead of himself. His most used gun was the MP7 and he was constantly pushing the game tempo far too hard. I played with him and his friends a few times and they all raged too. They would die so much and yet there I was at the top of the leaderboard with a 3 K/D and most objective captures. I paced myself but they just wanted to play faster and faster.


                  At the end of the day in the game lobby they would brag about the one good game the managed and acted like it was how every game went. Apparently skill is what you did that one time a few weeks ago against that one team who wasn't even really good but you go lucky.

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                Re: No "skill"z kid!

                The word "skill" in this game is misunderstood and misused.

                In the CoD community instead of  being used to appraise someone that has played well and has a very good grasp of the game is used negatively to demote and underestimate other players that don't play the style they want.

                In the CoD community it is mostly used in the negative form as "you have no Skill" because although someone has kicked the hell out of his opponent he still "has no skill" because he is a camper and not a run & gun player.

                And although he is very good at camping, since he has kick the hell out of his opponent,they don't realize that he has what the word actually means "ability, knowledge, practice, aptitude and he does the camping technique well".

                So forget what you found in the dictionary. In CoD the word "skill" is being replaced by the phrase "you have no skill" to disgrace players.   

                I just wish that people will read a book once in a while.

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                  Re: No "skill"z kid!

                  I dunno, I think this game, like anything else that one can have consistent success with, involves a level of skill. What cracks me up, however, is that players think they can pigeonhole their definition of skill in this game into one aspect or play style.


                  Ever hear of Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences? Basically, it breaks down intelligence by stating that there isn't just one kind of intelligence. Rather he broke it down into 8, and later 10 categories: musical–rhythmic, visual–spatial, verbal–linguistic, logical–mathematical, bodily–kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, naturalistic, existential, and moral intelligence. He also stated that learners never just have ability in one area, but often in multiple groups. So you might be a talented speaker with a strong moral compass with great intrapersonal skills who is a good athlete but has no musical ability. And so on and so forth. T


                  Theory of multiple intelligences - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


                  I think the same holds true for CoD gamers. I think too many people define skill in too specific terms, K/D is the most common misnomer. For example, Player A has a 1.56 K/D and Player B has a 3.75 K/D. If I asked this forum who the better player is, I can assure you that the majority would pick Player B without any further information. But, delving further... you find out Player A has a 73% W/L,  Thousands of Caps in Dom, Hundreds of Bomb Plants and Defuses, and has used a variety of weapons and weapon classes and has many weapons gold.  Player B, however, has a 45% W/L record, a handful of caps in Dom, no plants/defuses, and has only unlocked Gold Camo for the 2 or 3 weapons he/she uses regularly. Would your opinion change?


                  I think CoD players have a diverse skill set. Some are strong in many areas, others in only a few. Some players just have superior hand/eye coordination and reflexes which allow them to play the game with ease. Their natural or developed skill allows them to succeed and compensate for times they might make bad decisions.


                  Some have superior logical/tactical skills. They may or may not have the "physical" skills, but can outwit players with better aim or reflexes by out-thinking them.


                  Some are good leaders. They aren't rattled easily and are effective in team play situations as they can effectively lead teammates through any situation.


                  Some are just good team players. They may not excel individually, but they work well and communicate well with others and thus have a lot of success as they know their role and play it well.


                  I think you see where I am going with this, and I could go on. Those who think the game takes no skill are delusional, but no more so than those who try to say that only one type of player is skilled or that there is only one way to identify skill in this game.

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                    Re: No "skill"z kid!

                    My personal favorite when playing SnR or SnD  whenthe round is over and my team is winning 2-0 or 3-1 or even in the lobby when the opposing team says "these guys aren't even good"!  I hear that constantly.  Then we go on to beat them 4-0 or 4-1.  Then after that all I hear is crickets or they start sayin again we suck or aren't even good and then go on to trash them again.  But let say even if we aren't good were better then you!

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                        Re: No "skill"z kid!

                        i agree with nice drewishfela k.d means nothing my k.d is 0.521 i believe the  reason why its that bad is every game i try something new i never use a weapon predominately for more than 10 matches at the most i also enjoy the game i do not care about that i died 20 times what i care about is getting ridiculous and funny kills  that is what i care about most people would think i have no skills while the opposite is  true and camping is a skill

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                            Re: No "skill"z kid!

                            Anyone who cares about other people's stats is a Degenerate.. plain and simple.


                            I use leaderboard stats to "scout" my opponent, but with a grain of salt. Anyone who thinks they can judge or pick on other players because of stats is just a loser, plain and simple.


                            Having fun isn't recorded as a stat, and if you are having fun, who cares about anything else?

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                          Re: No "skill"z kid!

                          Everyone who plays CoD has skill. Some have more than others. Where the real difference is though is not in the skill level of individuals, but the competency with which those skills are applied. Played a match earlier tonight, I knew one of the enemy players used a lot of assault streaks equipment, but I chose the wrong class and paid the price. Following match I chose the right class and got some payback. I played the same style, with the same degree of skill in both matches. But the second match I was more competent and did significantly better.

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                            Re: No "skill"z kid!

                            I feel sorry for every person out there who thinks that the word "skill" can exist in a virtual world.

                            This is meaningless.

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                              Re: No "skill"z kid!

                              I feel like we've been here before?


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                                Re: No "skill"z kid!

                                Both the community and the devs set the bar to the minimum and are happy that they succeeded. Here's the thing I would rather the devs set the bar high and fail than set the bar as low as they did for Ghosts and succeed. Same with the community I would rather have my team set the bar really high by using set ups that make no sense and fail than have my team only using MTAR-X, Rippers, Honey Badgers, Remingtons and USRs and M27s and succeed/fail. This game has become the joke of the competitive scene because the community and the devs both wanna do nothing but they still want to succeed for doing nothing.

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