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    Opinions on guys with less than a 1kd

      I personally find these guys to be rather uselss during objective games, on tdm they can do ok with camping etc but when it comes to dom etc they do nothing and merely make up the numbers, what are your thoughts?


      Update!!! here is my reasoning I say it in a comment below

      Most of the time all they do is flip spawns in dom trying to get an "individual" cap when your holding two flags ruin the game then say at end woah I got one more cap look at all the teamwork done when in reality it lost it by flipping spawns and losing all flags, happens constantly by these guys just for a cap, I mean 3 caps a game should be max and hold 2 yet guys come out with 9 caps boasting lol well done you flipped our spawn 8 times


      also these so called objective players who get loads of flags always go for c when you have a and vice versa, why not go for b if its all about the team? you really should be getting two and then pinning enemy into spawn racking up 20 killstreaks for fun

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