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    WTF just happened??

      I Froze out of a TDM match, then rebooted and got this message: "your data is corrupt, or didnt download properly. you must reset your rank and unlocks to continue"


      what the hell is this?  You guys have been a great help in the past... And suggestions?

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          Re: WTF just happened??

          Can you make a screen for us?

          It's the first time that I heard this thing

          It happened on freefall?

          Maybe only patch&DLC file is corrupted, you can cancel it and re-download it without cancel your save data

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            Re: WTF just happened??

            This is going to need help from Activision.  Re-downloading patches/DLC isn't going to help much.


            Your save data for your online profile is stored on the server.  That is why you could delete all trace of data from your Wii U but as soon as you connect to the server with your NNID it "syncs" your profile and downloads it.  It looks like something has happened to it on the server (probably a connection cut-out during the upload of the data when it was saving).  It is likely due to the freeze (I've had it on BO2 where I've lost a bit of progress because I had a freeze and data got corrupted) or it could be that Activision deleted it.  The only reason Activision would delete it would be as a kind of "ban/reset" for doing questionable activities during a certain mode.  I don't see that being the case, though.  But you will need ATVIAssist to come and help you with this since they can access it from their end and find out what went wrong.


            Roughly how far into the TDM match were you when you froze?  Was it near the end or during the scoreboard?

            How long had you been playing prior to the freeze?

            Had you just recently prestiged or leveled up during your play session?

            What map were you playing?  Was it a DLC map?


            I've sent ATVIAssist a tweet to come and help you out, but you could tweet them yourself and get support via that way if you'd like: https://twitter.com/ATVIAssist


            It's very possible that they will not be able to restore your rank and unlocks   Either due to a ban/reset (unlikely) or due to how badly things got screwed up following the lockup since you got this rare little error message.  Hopefully they will be able to clear things up on their end and direct you on how to clear it on your console so that you can at least get back to gaming.

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                Re: WTF just happened??

                Thanks!  I've talked with them and they're investigating.  To answer some of your questions:

                I was 6-7mins in, I'd been playing for a few hours, I had ranked up (lvl 53) two or three matches prior, it was on prison break.


                obviously, I won't mind if I just lose the XP from that game or even all the games I played today, but if I get reset to lvl 1, I probably won't play ghosts anymore (I'm 8th prestige).


                Thanks again.

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                    Re: WTF just happened??

                    Glad to see that they are already looking into it for you.


                    Hopefully they will be able to recover from a backup.  I know that I was automatically set back to a back up from a few hours back when I got had a similar problem on BO2.  Annoying, but not devestating.


                    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.  Hopefully the can clear it up and recover/point to a backup if that is intact.  But again, it's possible that it may have screwed up that considering the error message you got.  Really sucks that it happened so late in the life of the game and how far you got, too


                    You could still start over again and probably find that you end up with better starts, but I get that it can really kill the point of starting all over after achieving certain unlocks.


                    Wishing you all the best though and hoping they sort you out.  Good luck!

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                        Re: WTF just happened??

                        I Think the worst part of starting over is losing my gold guns.  I F'ING hate getting lean kills!


                        thanks for your concern... If you see me online, say hi!

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                            Re: WTF just happened??

                            so then you have lost all progress? i ask because yesterday in zombies i got an error that ive had a few times about persistent rank data being corrupted and being set back to the last save, or something very close to that, and like always my rank and stats were fine...

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                                Re: WTF just happened??

                                I don't know how much I have lost or will lose.  When the message comes up, I just click on cancel and I don't play.  I'm going to wait to see what activision support tells me.  If it just puts me back to a few days ago, I can live with that.

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