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    What do you miss due to not having a COD site like Elite had?

      Or put another way, what do you wish the COD app would provide?


      So, what are some of the top items you miss from not having the website version of their app this year? I was highly disappointed by this and I do still miss it.  The app does offer some things and other sites may help offer others, but when they went to the app only model they did lose some functionality that they used to provide in the previous game mode. Some things the app or other sites may offer, but the new app doesn't provide.  Here's some of my initial things that I wish we had access to in a website:


      • Being able to administer all my clan details
      • Being able to see extra player stats
      • Ability to see past war data and results (clan ops/challenges with Elite) along with who scored points/contributed (something the app doesn't give you today).
      • List of challenges for a user and their progress in them.
      • Ability to see character classes/squadmates online


      What else would you like to see if they were to offer a website version of their app with the next COD?