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      DOA GAMING is currently recruiting members and anyone can join! We have loads to offer including tournaments and ladders. We currently have a 1V1 Sniping tournament right now and its FREE!!


      What we want an provide:

      * Relaxed community

      * Players form any skill levels

      * Training

      * Very generous sponsors and contributors

      * Highly experienced and hardworking clan leaders

      * Job Offers to those who want to prove themselves

      * Clan Operations and

      * Long-term friendships

      …And much more


      Requirements to join are


      * a headset, communication is key

      * a mature attitude no rage quitters (banter is essential), NO hackers/ modders

      * be active in game and on our website


      Interested? Then head over to doagaming.co.uk

      We look forward to seeing you shoot =D