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    Ozzy, Ozzy, Ozzy.

      Thought it is hard for me to say, being an Englishman and everything but I would like to send a shout out to the Australian national football team during this world cup.


      We salute you.



      P.S. Spain you were a joke.

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          Re: Ozzy, Ozzy, Ozzy.

          Oi Oi Oi


          Us Aussies went into this cup with a new coach and a young team. Timmy Cahil is probably the biggest name in our team, yet he is in the sunset of his career playing in the US.

          To lose the games against Chile and the Dutch was gutwrenching. However, I have never seen our team play such great football. They had the courage to take the game up to their more credentialed opponents. We lacked a bit of class in finishing off our numerous amounts of opportunities. But, the thrilling thing was we created more opportunities than our opponents.

          We have played so far with a lot of hustle and spirit. I am one proud Aussie. It would be wonderful to finish it off with a draw, maybe even a win, against Spain ; we do not deserve to leave this World Cup without any points.

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              Re: Ozzy, Ozzy, Ozzy.

              I cannot wait until you play Spain, i think you have a very good chance, Holland destroyed them 5-1 and yet struggled to maintain a lead against Oz. It could be one hell of a game.

              The gifs above that didn't get posted were the goals from last night, its a shame that they wouldn't allow them to be shared.

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              Re: Ozzy, Ozzy, Ozzy.

              Saw the title thought you meant OZZY

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                Re: Ozzy, Ozzy, Ozzy.

                Kudos from Down Under!


                We did our best...

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                  Re: Ozzy, Ozzy, Ozzy.

                  Anyone beside me going to Cheer on the Aussies vs Spain.

                  LETS GO

                  Waving Australia flag

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