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    The Architect Achievement still not working



      I have created a discussion in the Extinction sub-forum, and many still have the same issue:

      The Architect Achievement (CURRENT)


      "I went into my achievements today (i'm on 360) and realised I hadn't done "The Architect" achievement from Mayday, the one to build all schematics. I didn't understand why since I'd crafted more than enough, so I went into a solo game and tried it again. This is what I crafted:


      Basic Tesla Trap

      Medium Tesla Trap

      Advanced Tesla Trap

      Hypno Trap

      All 4 Venom-X's

      Sticky Flares

      Pipe Bombs


      Now, I've looked it up (just in case) and that's all of them, I even finished Mayday just in case you may have had to do that, but still, I haven't received the achievement. This really bugs me, because I have all the other Extinction achievements (including Awakening), and only a few more to do in campaign. i really want a Ghosts completionist and then this happens.


      Has anyone else still not got this achievement? Or has it bugged out for you like it has to me?

      Please provide a fix to this IW, I know it's an old map, but it is still part of your Achievement system. Pretty disappointed."


      I still cannot receive this achievement, and neither can many others. Trust me, I should have it no matter what, and am looking to see if there is an easy fix, or if one is on the way, Completely game-breaking for me.