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    Question for XBox players.


      Is awakening worth taking a day off work? Are you still playing it?  I was planning on taking a day off for the PS4 release, but some posts have implied that its not a great map, and may run thin.

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          I like the map but i don't think it's worth taking a day off granted your first few times will take an hour to an hour and a half. Overall i'd rank it over nightfall and mayday.

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            Yeah. Basically agree with Shadow. Although I wouldn't take a day off work for just about anything hah. The map is pretty cool and fun, hasn't gotten boring as quickly for me. But...I just don't see it being worth taking a day off.

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              Awakening, I don't know why, is my least favourite map. There's just something about it that doesn't make me want to replay it. All other maps I have had at least 200 escapes on. Usually by now on a new map I'd have about 100 escapes on, but how many do I currently have on Awakening? Only 23.



              When I tell people this, they assume it's because it' hard, but I find this to be the easiest map of them all. The Ark makes it WAY too easy, especially when all 4 of you have it.


              So yeah, don't take time of for this map.

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                Agree with most other comments.  I really like the map layout, the vertical play, and the whole feel of Awakening.  My main problem with this map is that it gets easier as it progresses instead of harder like all the other maps.  Once you get through the 1st section, even for the 1st time,  there is very little chance you are not going to complete the mission and probably will get platinum escape.  And with the discovery that mammoth's are able to be electrified so easily, even the beginning isn't hard anymore.. I still usually will run through it once a night, but rarely will play it back to back to back like I will some of the other maps.

                Not worth a day off work, but still pretty fun overall.

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                  I say take the day off. The map will be new to you, and regardless of whether or not it becomes a favorite of yours, playing it religiously on release day has a nice feeling to it. Kind of like unwrapping your gifts at Christmas. Consider it a one day event that wont come again... until the next dlc. So go for it.

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                    I enjoy the map, don't play it too much though. its like a nightfall difficulty mixed with point of contact. its a nice map but it didn't have a boss fight but its still fun  regardless. I love the moon like jumping and the new cryptids they added, its a real nice map.