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    [XB1] Looking for a manager..

      My organization is working on building an MLG competitive team on the Xbox 1 which will be attending LANS as well as doing online tournaments, gb's, umg's, and the normal things that teams do. We are searching for someone interested in managing/coaching the team, your responsibilities will be to entirely run the team. You will find players, set up scrims, find tournaments, as well as coach them as far as coming up with strategies (assuming you have the knowledge and ability to do so). You will also serve as the link between myself and the players. I have tried running several teams myself, but between all of the branches of our organization, I simply do not have time to personally manage and coach the team. You must be 18+ to take this position. If you're interested in this spot, please do not respond here as it will not be checked. Please contact me by e-mail: jeffy181991@hotmail.com or you can Skype me: WhiteMagicJeff or I am also on kik: WhiteMagic18J  - thank you for reading!