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    PS4 Looking for active/serious clan

      Real Information About Me But Not To Personal

      Name: Leon

      Age: 18

      Country: United Kingdom (UK)

      Also Mature Guy

      Cod Career and Stats


      I started of playing black ops 2 on ps3 and since I've played that i have learnt a lot of tactical skills when winning gun fights and not only that but winning the game is quite important when playing competetive game modes. Ive joined one of the top 10 clans on call of duty but since I've moved over to ps4 i haven't found the right one what I'm looking for is a clan with mature gamers/have laugh & joke/take games and clan wars seriously and a lot of active members thats all really.


      K/D: 1.750

      W/L: 1.400

      My stats are legit, i do not hack/boost or any sort of thing like that neither.

      I have fully working ASTRO A50 headset.

      Good communication skills and work as a team to gain the objective.


      If you would like to give me a tryout for your clan I'm willing to do so but i am looking for the above criteria.


      (PS4 Only)       PSN ID :   Studran   <---ADD ME PSN

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          Re: PS4 Looking for active/serious clan

          We won the Tokyo clan wars by 418CP and had 6/8 nodes held.  We are a very active and friendly clan.


          We are currently lvl 14


          There no website to apply on, no waiting period to get accepted.  Just apply in the app and you will be accepted


          If you are looking for a clan, give us a try.  The only requirement is that your an active player.


          Search for coffeenated in the app or reply

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