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    Major Ban Wave On Call of Duty: Ghosts PC

      I was playing a regular match of Team Death Match in Call of Duty: Ghosts and after I finished the game, I logged out. The next day I came back it said I could not connect to the game, telling me to check back later and to check the game's server status. The issue persisted for more than a week and later on the game had a message saying that I was VAC Banned. I was extremely confused at this point, because the only way to get banned is if you broken the code of conducts found in the link bellow.

      https://support.activision.com/articles/en_US/FAQ/Call-of-Duty-Ghosts-Online-Cod e-of-Conduct


      I then went into the official Call of Duty: Ghosts forum which is the one we are on right now, and I noticed that there are many posts that are extremely similar. This is crucial, because this means that I am not the only one with this issue. What I am thinking right now is that the latest patch note stated that there was an "overall anti-cheat improvements" (candyslexia). This can be found in the link bellow under the update on June 6, 2014.

      Ghosts PC Updates (8/4/14)


      In addition, this was not the first time that this has happened in Call of Duty: Ghosts overall. This issue was first presented on the Playstation 3 and the Playstation 4 where there was a ban wave occurring during March 16, 2014. The article's link can be found bellow this section written by David Veselki. Moreover, it was stated at first by Activision that the bans "will not be reversed" (Activision). This was then revised by Activision that stating that “[they] understand some players were incorrectly banned over the weekend and [they] have since corrected the issue. Try playing again now” (Activision). Based off this, Activision has taken responsibility to reverse the effect of this horrible mistake on the major Playstation consoles, but so far have not corrected this issue persisting on the PC version of Call of Duty: Ghosts. Users on Steam now have a VAC Ban linked to their account. PC players have contacted Activision support and the only information provided was "all bans are final and irreversible" (Abigail). Activision support is basically saying that no far, they have no intentions into removing the bans from the accounts effected negatively.

      http://mp1st.com/2014/03/16/massive-ban-waves-hits-cod-ghosts-players-will-rever sed-says-activision/#.U6X9wvldV8E

      Twitter / InfinityWard: We understand some players ...


      The PC community is definitely smaller than the consoles, but should not be unheard and not cared for. PC players are loyal customers of the Call of Duty franchise but sadly this issue may push us away slowly. Factors of this were also the game not being optimized to it's full potential but optimization can be tolerated, but punishing innocent players without compensation is another story. No one, including console users will want to play a game that falsely punishes innocent players. Many players, once again including console users, have been reported for hacking and have been banned due to them achieving high kill streaks, but what is the 25 gun streak rewards for? It is to be achieved and not used as a way of determining who is a hacker. "Mistakes were make" but many can be fixed like hitting the re-spawn button in game, or simply listening to the community for feedback if you are a developer and take it into action. We all are forgiving people if we are understood and considered and many issues can be fixed with some determination. Please lift the bans, and communicate with the Steam Enforcement team to lift the VAC Bans from innocent players who have been effected.


      My Thoughts

      We are all people and makes mistakes than can be reversed, but sometimes we need some help and suggestions and a little bit of change. For example, there can be a Ban Appeal system in action for players to be given a chance to show their point of view of a situation, this is why courts are fixed in the real world. Simple things like these can bring a gaming community closer together.

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          1. Re: Major Ban Wave On Call of Duty: Ghosts PC

          Since Friday I am getting the message that I cannot connect to online services and to check the server status, but the URL shows that everything should be fine. There is a thread where a lot of other people are having the same problem here: Having trouble Connecting.


          Did the message that you were banned eventually replace the cannot connect to online services message? Or did you see that error some place else?


          I don't even play this game a lot compared to other (better) games that are out there like BF4, but it really pisses me off that I shelled out $$ for this and their crappy DLC and this is the kind of crap they pull. Every game I own works right now except this one.

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            2. Re: Major Ban Wave On Call of Duty: Ghosts PC

            OK Anyone who uses cheats should very well be banned. I know I haven't been banned as I can access my game perfectly via another computer. So Deffo I do not have a ban against me.  I mean what idiot would use a cheat he/she has played a game for 850 hours PLUS. I have now just reformatted my computer and gone from windows 8.1 back to windows 7, Windows 7 kicks ass. I just hope this works. I will get back to you guys if it does.  But TBH no one should have to reformat to play a damn game that is broken anyways.

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              3. Re: Major Ban Wave On Call of Duty: Ghosts PC

              Don't speak so soon.... I had the same problem as you a few weeks ago and had to family share to get it to connect, but now I have a VAC ban. Just like everyone else here I didn't use any cheats, so I guess all the crying noobs that reported me everyday finally got me banned. Also my profile is still not showing a VAC ban... Weird.

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                4. Re: Major Ban Wave On Call of Duty: Ghosts PC

                I don't think I have ever seen such shoddy support for a consumer product in my life. They don't even have an option to email or call for support, you just have to wait in chat during their hours of operation. I don't really have time for that. If I can't find a fix I will just uninstall it and never buy a COD product again.

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                  5. Re: Major Ban Wave On Call of Duty: Ghosts PC

                  i 100% agree with you. Activision is not owning up to their mistakes as of now. This is basically robbing the consumers money and punishing them for something they did not do. I told them many people are having this issue and stubornly insisted that bans are final.

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                    6. Re: Major Ban Wave On Call of Duty: Ghosts PC

                    That sucks. I was pretty excited about Advanced Warfare with Kevin Spacey and the exoskeletons... but I can get my exoskeleton fix from Titanfall and Planetside 2, and I guess I will just have to see Kevin Spacey again when House of Cards season 3 comes out.


                    I had left a much needed, favorable, four-star review for Ghosts on amazon.com. I am on my way over there to amend that review right now.

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                      7. Re: Major Ban Wave On Call of Duty: Ghosts PC

                      ACtivision is basically putting the blame on loyal players although really it's their mistake

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                        8. Re: Major Ban Wave On Call of Duty: Ghosts PC

                        This really seems like a scam. I mean, I'm sure that this isn't a bunch of people who got together and said, "Hey let's sell a product to a bunch of people and then take it away from them for no good reason." It seems like more of an issue of negligence, but it still seems like a scam. I think they only way we have to fight back is to leave negative reviews wherever we can. I have hit Amazon, Steam, and Metacritic so far. The only other thing we can do is not buy future COD games, but, sadly, since it is only PC customers, I'm sure that absolutely no one cares.

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                          9. Re: Major Ban Wave On Call of Duty: Ghosts PC

                          the dead give away that this is odd is that everyone who is experiencing this issue had it on Friday the 13th. Activision is pulling off some superstition.

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