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    PS3 freezing several seconds into Ghosts multiplayer match.

      Im running out of options. Prestige 9, rank 49 and my game keeps crashing! it has gotten progressively worse from playing a full round to playing 10 seconds before the whole console freezes up. ill list some of the specs.


      PS3 SLIM CECH-2001A

      Hard copy of COD Ghosts, disc has some ware but no deep scratches, clean.

      I use a wired connection to the router, Comcast high speed internet with BOOST.

      Last patch I downloaded is 1.17, I believe.

      Last in-store item purchased was unicorn gun camo pack.

      Ive never had any problems with connection OR freezing until this patch was installed.

      NAT is always OPEN.


      Some info on what is happening..

      I will start a match in hardcore TDM like I always do, some seconds into the match after running around a few steps the console freezes, the screen is frozen and will remain so until I eject the disc and the system restarts. ive had no error messages pop up, just a solid freeze.


      At first I thought it may be getting too hot, felt the back, it was warm. so I opened up the top and ran it for more ventilation. Running cool, it still froze. Ive researched MANY forums about people who have this issue, most have gone unanswered, or answered with more questions. The runaround... That said, I have tried what some have suggested. Deleting game data, game profiles, going into the boot menu and using both options 3 and 4. Ive tried playing without any of my store bought addons downloaded, also with them reinstalled. It will still freeze. Ive gone to drastic measures voiding warranty and deep cleaning the dust out of the system and cleaning the laser manually. No fix.

      Skyrim is just as big of a game as ghosts and that runs just fine. My hardrive isn't full, I only have 2 games, Ghosts and Skyrim. Always taken great care of my system and my discs. No known damage.


      Most people who have this problem will say they are so tired of ghosts problems and threaten to quit ps3 for a different console. They say Ghosts is the worst release in this series ever. I DISAGREE. Ghosts is an amazing game. Everything slowed down, more relaxed and definitely more strategic play. I love this game.
      With all of this said, the release of this latest patch has rendered my favorite pastime unplayable. I believe whatever was in this patch had an effect on my console that makes my copy useless. Fantastic game, overall. I just need a little help from the devs this time. I know I have a really old ps3, maybe this problem is the wakeup call to the next gen console. I wish I could afford a new ps4 but ive got my family that comes first.  Great job Sony, I heard you stole the spotlight at E3 2014!

      Please help, woud love to max prestige 1 of the COD releases, got the closest with this one.



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          Re: PS3 freezing several seconds into Ghosts multiplayer match.

          Their is a few things cause I own a 2001a and a 2501b

          Rub the disk with rubbing alcohol, if you don't have it, glass cleaner will suffice. If it still persists, stand your system straight up so the blu ray is top, if you can play through without a crash its your blu ray. Try playing another game for a while and look for slow loading times, frame skips, and of course the freezing. Mine did the exact same thing without error codes at first, after a while it gave me error codes and wouldn't read disks. Surprisingly, its an easy fix and it only cost me $23 to fix myself. If you feel like you can do it, the laser is a kem 450aaa and is cheaper with just the laser. You can get a laser and worm motor tray combo to make it easier as well but it averages $50.

          I'm leaning towards its your disk tho cause I had one little scratch on need for speed and it wouldn't boot at all.

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              Re: PS3 freezing several seconds into Ghosts multiplayer match.

              I will give this a try, may have to wait to replace the laser, thank you for the information. if it is the disc, would it be preferable to get the digital copy? Ive read people are having this issue with digi copies too.

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                  Re: PS3 freezing several seconds into Ghosts multiplayer match.

                  When it happened to me it would just freeze after the match where it shown the kill count, I'd wait and wait and just would restart. After a day or so it started up with error codes. Replacing the laser fixed my problem, and it wasn't that hard to do at all, not even watching a YouTube video lol. If you have a friend that has a ps3 you could try the disc in his maybe? Just to be sure it is the disc or not.


                  I haven't had a problem with the disc itself, and don't know about the digi copy problems, but I can say it is a large game and has killed a lot of older ps3's blu ray lasers since release due to being such a large game and no texture installs like other games like gta5 or even bo2.

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                Re: PS3 freezing several seconds into Ghosts multiplayer match.

                I Had the same problem with BO2 and replaced my console (under warranty) only to find it was the disc, maybe borrow a friends disc and check it works in your machine.

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                  Re: PS3 freezing several seconds into Ghosts multiplayer match.

                  It's always been happening with cod games this freezing (treyarch games generally are the worse especially on launch) but ghosts is just as bad so i stopped playing the MP because that's what freezes the most,Extinction doesn't really freeze in my experience.I've opened up the ps3 cleaned out the dust on a regular basis lately and checked all my disks so i know it's the game causing this problem but if you complain they will just say "check your disk is clean" and check your ps3 etc....

                  Obviously if you clean your ps3 out inside with air duster it will prolong the life but that isn't the issue because if it was really hot your ps3 would just turn off like it has done before with mine to let you know it's hot.

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                    Re: PS3 freezing several seconds into Ghosts multiplayer match.

                    Hello, I am also suffering from ps3 freeze and withdrawals from call of duty ghosts on ps3. I came to forums and got the same bs suggestions, clean your disc (duh) delete and reinstall (4times) even bought a new console and hard copy and yet it continues. Cannot get thru an entire board, whole system seizes up. While my clan has no issues with their game.

                    Have followed every suggestion. Problems didnt start until first map pack dropped. One map was always an issue. After the last dlc dropped, every map became affected.

                    No one cares, not getting any answers from the powers that be, nor fellow gamers.

                    Ive never went thru this before, and this is the only game this happens with. I play fallout 3 regularly and thats a huge game, no problems.

                    They want to place blame on the gamer, when its really shitty dlc code. bumbaclot!

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